10 road Trip Activities for Kids | Kids Activity

10 road Trip Activities for Kids | Kids Activity

Make your next road trip a breeze with these 10 fun and easy activities that are perfect for keeping little ones entertained. Lets get started!


Colouring Books

Who doesn’t love a good colouring book? Simple, easy and mess free, its never been easier to let your little ones imagination and creativity run wild! Make sure you take 1, 2 or even 3 books of different shows, characters or themes and they will be focused on creating the next masterpiece the world has seen!



The family favourite game is still just as big of a hit with the newest generation! Want to have light-hearted fun as the driver, ask simple questions to keep the game going round, need to focus? Ask a question that no one will get and concentrate on where you need to go, (whether the I-spy is solvable is optional). Just be careful not to frustrate the kids as it can lead to tantrums if they stop seeing the fun in the game!


Magnetic Board Games

Chess, Checkers, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Battleships and more! There are plenty of simple games for young ones to get a hang of all while being car-friendly with their magnetic pieces leading to a lot less car floor incidents which every parent dreads! This will require more than just 2 people in the car however, as someone needs to focus on the road!


Guess the Song

A great game to play if a passenger has access to Spotify or any other music playing software, usually another adult. The rules are simple: one person chooses a song and makes sure everyone is ready, they hit play and the first person to call out the correct title wins a point, you can vary the number of points awarded depending on how hard you think it will be for others to guess the song. You can also be lenient with the kids, if they guess which show for instance the song is from instead of the actual name! A simple and engaging game which everyone, even the driver can get involved in!


Books/ Audio Books

It may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many simply forget the option of taking a couple books on the journey. Whether your little one is a bookworm or not, everyone from time to time finds themselves enthralled in a good story. It’s also easier with younger children believe it or not, as picture books and books from their favourite shows are in abundance today, so look around and your sure to find a hit! If they simply can’t stand reading, then audio books help alleviate this problem, if you have access to a device (and some headphones for your sake) then you can give that a try as well.


Travel Puzzles

Magnetic puzzles, Word-searches, Mazes, Where’s wally, Rubik’s Cube, and more! There are plenty of time consuming, mentally demanding, challenging puzzles which are sure to keep you child entertained and concentrating for hours on end!



The ultimate tool at your disposal, having your kids get some shut-eye can be the difference between and enjoyable trip and arrival or one straight out of a nightmare! Ensuring they are well rested for the potential day ahead is something all parents need to be able to convince their children! Sometimes though, on the way back from a fun day out, no convincing is needed, as they will take it upon themselves to recharge their batteries.



Does your little one like action figures? Maybe plushies? No, no, dolls? Well ensuring that you bring all their favourite toys is a skill in its own. What do I mean by this? Making sure that your child has a good selection is one thing, but hiding others to change when you pull over for a rest is where you can really keep them happy. As keeping their selection fresh is what keeps them occupied, and keeping the other hidden means out of sight, out of mind, meaning less tantrums if they see something but cant reach it!


Yellow/Pink Car

Another family favourite, the rules are simple, yellow cars are worth 1 point, and pink are worth 2, first to whatever number you set wins, just make sure someone is keeping score, we don’t want anybody cheating!


20 Questions

Rounding of our list is the popular game 20 questions. Its simple, 1 person states they are thinking of something, for example ‘I am thinking of a cartoon character’. Everyone else then in turns asks yes or no questions to the person. When someone thinks they know it, on their turn they can ask ‘are you thinking of …’ if their right, it’s their turn to think of something. If their wrong, they are out until everyone else has had a guess!


So, what do you think of our list of road trip activities to keep you little ones entertained? Do you have any family favourites you like to play on the road? Let us know below!

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