Stay Cosy and Entertained Indoors: 7 Activities to Enjoy with Family and Friends

Stay Cosy and Entertained Indoors: 7 Activities to Enjoy with Family and Friends

Peak winters may be behind us. However, until spring officially begins, the weather is unpredictable. But hey! We live in the UK, and the weather here is always uncertain. For weekends when you feel stuck inside while it is raining or snowing outside, or when you do not want to leave the comfort of your home, we have got you covered!

Here are a few awesome indoor activities you can plan with your family and friends when the weather outside does not seem too favourable for a day out. Whether you have young children at home or need some ideas for a day or night in with your friends and partner, these activities will keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

You are never too old to get cosy inside a fort.

Grab some blankets, pillows, and chairs to make a fort in your living room. You can also use the dining table as a base for your makeshift fort. Once your dummy fort is built, gather some books, toys, and snacks, and crawl in for a relaxing afternoon, evening, or night of reading, film-watching, or playing.

Get creative with homemade playdough.

Who says playdough is only for children? Making homemade playdough is a great indoor activity that people of all ages will love. You can use the common ingredients in your pantry, such as flour, salt, water, and food colouring, to create your playdough.

Not only is it fun to make, but it will also keep little hands busy for hours.

For adults, getting creative with playdough or clay is a great way to relieve stress and take a break from your mundane schedule. It helps with anxiety, like a stress ball, making it a great overall activity for your mental health.

Have a family game night.

Who doesn't enjoy a good game night?

Gather your favourite board and card games or video games and have an entertaining games night at home. A good game night is a great way to bond as a family and have some friendly competition with your loved ones.

You can even make some snacks or finger foods to munch on while you play.

Do some baking.

Baking is a great indoor activity for kids of all ages. Pick a simple recipe, such as chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate cake. As you plan and get the ingredients for the cookie or cake, let your little one help you measure, mix, and decorate the cake or cookie. It is a fun way to spend some quality time with your kids while you also teach them about baking.

Go scavenger hunting – indoors!

Take the lead as a host and create an indoor scavenger hunt for your little ones/friends/family. Write clues on pieces of paper and hide them around the house. The clues can lead to different items or objects your loved ones must find. 

It is an entertaining way to engage both kids and adults, and distract them with a few creative problem-solving skills.

Start a movie marathon or binge-watch your favourite show.

If you are looking forward to a relaxing indoor activity, a movie marathon is another activity to try. For adults, you can pick your favourite movies or shows or try a new genre you have never watched before.

For kids, nothing beats a marathon of their beloved Bluey, Hey Duggee, or Peppa Pig episodes. You can even make it a themed marathon, such as all Disney movies or all superhero movies.

Whatever you choose, add some popcorn or snacks of your choice, and snuggle up on the couch for a cosy afternoon or evening. Want to dress up as your favourite character as you binge on your shows or films? Check out our website for official character products. Choose from a range of matching socks and pyjamas for kids and adults.

Dance your heart out with your family and friends to your favourite music!

Turn up the music and have a dance party. It is a fun way to get the steps in, let loose, and have fun. You can even make it a themed dance party—whatever gets you moving!

Who says staying indoors is boring? With these fun indoor activities, you and your family will never be bored on rainy, gloomy, or snowy days.

Next time around, don't be afraid to embrace the indoors. Get creative, have fun, and make some memories together!

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