A Selection Of Gift Ideas For Her

A Selection Of Gift Ideas For Her

'Mummy, Mum, Mom, Ma', whatever you call her, it is now time to celebrate her!

Mother's Day isn’t far away, with just about a week to go, it is time to pamper the beautiful women in your life for all that they have done, and all the things they do for you and your little ones.

Mother's Day this year falls on Sunday, 19th March 2023. If you are looking for that perfect Mother's Day present for your mother, partner, sister, friend, or someone else, or, if you have another special occasion coming up, like birthdays and anniversaries, we have you covered for all the last-minute indecisiveness.

To make things a little easier for you, here’s a list of a few gift ideas for her.

Add a little quirk to your ordinary with Roy’s Boys

Character socks, PJs, or just odd socks. Choose from a variety of different characters and designs for your special lady. Our products are comfortable, made with high-quality materials, and are a perfect gift option for your loved one. Check out our women's range here.

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For those who like to keep memories as keepsakes

In today’s day and age when phone cameras feature professional picture quality, finding an instant camera or a GoPro mini would be an ideal gift for your special someone who loves taking photos and keeping them. Whether she’s obsessed with posting them on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok or just likes to collect printed photos, help her elevate her photo collection by a notch.

Photo credit: Lisa Fotios

For those who like to shop from their favourite brands or towards their hobbies

Every woman enjoys or likes shopping. It could be shopping for clothes, footwear, bags, and accessories. Or shopping for stuff that enhances their hobbies, like baking items, art accessories, travel gear, etc. If you are one of those who know what they like but are unsure of what to choose, let us help you...

Treat them with a gift voucher from their favourite brand and let them choose whatever they like. This way, the receiver is happy with the product they get, and you, as their gifter, wouldn’t really have to stress about what exactly to buy for your picky lady.

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If you still can’t decide which brand gift card to give, you can opt for highstreetvouchers' gift cards that lets one shop from over 50 favourite high-street brands.

For the ones who loves history

If your mum or your lady recipient enjoys a relaxing weekend stroll to the museum or art exhibitions and galleries, the National Art Pass will provide her with a plethora of options.

It allows entry to over 800+ galleries and historical attractions to choose from in the UK for only £73 a year. (£54.75 if paid by direct debit and £45 if under 30). Be rest assured, she will love and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

A day to feel alive amidst her favourite band/comedian

For a woman, there’s no better joy than to know that you have given some thought and consideration into finding her a perfect gift.

Nothing really comes close to the feeling when someone knows exactly what you like, who you follow, and which bands and/or comedians are your favourites. So, we’d suggest digging a little deeper and getting to know her favourite band or comedian (if you don’t already know).

We are sure, watching them perform live, even if she has been to all their shows or none at all, would be an outright delight for your mum, partner, friend, or sister.

Photo credit: Wendy Wei

Help her treat those sore muscles

Consider us convinced when we say, massages are magical!

This mini Theragun is a small, yet incredibly strong massage gun that instantly relieves post-workout or work-from-home pains and aches. 

It is silent, compact, has three-speed settings, and will fit comfortably in her bag or bedside table. The brand also has numerous other wellness devices that you could choose from.

A day to relax and rejuvenate

Life may be chaotic at a time when everyone is adept at keeping occupied.

Give her the gift of time dedicated to herself. A time to relax, pamper, and find some calm. From her favourite spa, opt for a package she'd like and let her have great experience. If spa day is not her thing, spoil her with an exotic resort getaway. We bet she deserves it.

If the above seems like a lot, opt for a Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa for days when spa days may seem impossible. With a compact kit like this, getting a pedicure done would be accessible from the comfort of their home.

When experiences create memories

When we participate in experiences, we have a myriad of communication and interpersonal interactions with others, all of which contribute to our life stories in some or another way.

Gifting experiences are one of our top favourites and also one of our highly recommended ideas. We have even mentioned this in our previous blog, gifts for dad. Experiences are far superior because of the wonderful memories they help create that one could look forward to in the future.

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As per Virgin Experience Days, the brand says they specialise and provide something for everyone's needs. From driving and hot air balloon rides to restful classics like spa days and fine dining, there's an experience to fit every taste and occasion.

For the sparkling female in your life

Giving jewellery implies giving a lady a pinch of added beauty to her already gorgeous, valuable, and desirable persona. Jewels, even as a platonic present,  makes a woman feel confident as they wear them.

For her special day, you can choose from a variety of jewellery designs and gift bundles to spoil her. You could get her a sparkling present, such as a silver or gold necklace or pearl earrings. If diamonds or precious stones are her things, why not pamper her with them?

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Beauty and self-care items for the wonderful mom

Self-care and beauty items, especially perfumes, have been used as a gesture of affection and as gifts since the Egyptian and Arabic eras. This tradition is still used in many countries. Fragrances are one of the greatest and most acceptable gift alternative that may be presented to mums on their special days.

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Additionally, within beauty, you also have a host of other products and a variety of choices to explore. Skincare, haircare, makeup, grooming - you name it, and you have it.

Personalised something for that special touch

If the budget doesn’t look too good this time, and you still want to get her something special, then why not choose from a wide variety of personalised gift items from Etsy?

You can choose from a variety of options like customised portraits, clothing, and accessories with her name or face on them without breaking the bank. The options are affordable and yet extremely adorable.

For the book lover around you

If your wonderful woman is a book aficionado who seldom falls asleep without reading a novel, she will love this. Imagine she gets a new book to read directly delivered to her home each month via the mail. Sounds great, doesn't it?

It is a subscription-based service offered by Rare Bird's Book Club with packages available for three to twelve months. Once they are done reading the book, they may visit the Rare Birds' Book Club members section to further discuss about that month's book with other members.

A lovely gift they will not expect but will come to appreciate.

Photo credit: Samson Katt

Lastly, whether or not you gift her something, just make sure to wish her on her special day and thank her with an appreciation note to say you're grateful for her. 


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