All About Christmas Jumper Day

All About Christmas Jumper Day

It is that time of the year again when for a day we’ll see people in their jazziest of jumpers at school, work, in trams, buses and tubes, and almost everywhere outside. A day when it feels just right to dress up a little extra for the best time of the year.

But hey, for all those who do not know, what is this day exactly?

Celebrated every year in the UK, Ireland and a few other parts of the world, Christmas Jumper Day is a day when people wear their Christmas jumpers and show their support for a good cause. It is an annual fundraising charity event.

Who started it and what is Christmas Jumper Day all about?

Started by SaveTheChildren in 2012, Christmas Jumper Day is a renowned event across the country where people wear their funkiest sweaters for a day. The campaign was created to spread awareness and raise funds for children in the UK and other parts of the world.

Over the years, the charity has raised over £30 million towards this initiative and has helped countless children near and far away get a better chance at life. The main purpose of this charity is to provide better children’s health and education. They also focus on hunger relief and nutrition programmes that help millions of kids around the world, every year.

What is different this Xmas Jumper Day?

Like every year this Jumper Day is no different. The only thing better is that as per the STC website, the UK government has promised to match your donation to the organisation. What this means is, if you donated £2 to STC, the UK government will match and also donate the same amount as you for your £2. Doubling your contribution to the cause.

Photo credit: SaveTheChildren/Jamie Baker

When is Christmas Jumper Day?

This year, Christmas Jumper Day falls on Thursday, 8th December 2022. Be prepared as you’ll see a majority of people dressed up on the 8th. However, if Thursday doesn't feel like a dress-up day for you at work, you can always donate (if you’d like) and dress up on any other day as per your choice.

Photo credit: The Greenbank Hotel

You can visit STC's website to get more details and information about donations, ways to signup with STC, etc. 

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**The above STC link will take you to an external site with no affiliation to Roy's Boys.

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