Balancing Screen Time | Fun Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Balancing Screen Time | Fun Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

Having fun when it’s raining outside can often times be hard, especially if you have young ones who on occasion like to play or watch shows on their tablet/phone. During Autumn your kids average screen time may sky-rocket as they are simply not outside as much due to the weather. So, what can we do about this?

We have compiled a list of fun activities you and your kids can do indoors no matter the weather! Nothing on this list will contain any screens of any kind, that includes games consoles and the TV! So let’s take a look at what you can do to spark your little one’s imagination during these cold and wet months.


Building Forts

Starting with a classic, at one point or another you have most likely built a fort. Often to the dismay of your parents, these included the couch cushions, bed sheets, tables, and chairs and whatever else you could get your hands on. So why not inspire your kids to build their very own?

You may need to show them a trick or two, for instance, using chairs or the sides of sofas to drape blankets over, creating the forts unbreakable walls! Use books as weights for added support and using the couch as a main support.

This fun and interactive activity is sure to get your kids imagination going, and as an added benefit, ensuring the fort is secure and safe, your kids can stay the night in their medieval castle, star exploring spaceship, or… well you get the idea! Or maybe you can have story time (providing there is enough space). Which can be made extra cosy with warm lights like lamps and nightlights


Puzzle and Board Games

A rainy day is the perfect time to come closer together as a family through the fun bonding activity of playing a board game or completing a big puzzle! We all know the classics like monopoly and for the older kids Cluedo, but what about some lesser-known board games? Well there are plenty out there, and you might just be surprised by how good some of them are.

There are always new and exciting board games being released all the time, with plenty of different themes, difficulties and game styles, there is something for everyone. Why not start by taking a look at GamesRadar’s must-have board game list for 2023 . Here you will find featured games like Rapidough, which is perfect for those who like to get creative!


Indoor Treasure Hunt

Parents, this one will take a little bit more preparation on your part. An indoor treasure hunt is perfect for younger kids as it encourages them to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills as they follow clues set by you.

What you will need to do: choose an item or items to use as the treasure and pick a location to hide them which wont be to easy for your kids to find, create a map or a set of clues, or both, which will help guide your kids towards the treasure without making it to easy for them, you can include red herrings if want to make it a little harder, or hide extra clues for them to find on their journey.

For the treasure, it might be their favourite snacks, a new toy/book or anything you think will make them feel rewarded after completing your little treasure hunt, its completely up to you and will be different for each family.


Indoor Obstacle Course

It goes without saying, but safety first when doing this activity. An indoor obstacle course is perfect for letting your little one(s) let of some steam through exercise, especially when the weather outside isn’t so forgiving! But what can we include to make it fun for the kids and entertaining for you parents to watch?

To begin with, the course needs to be as safe as possible, this means using primarily pillows, blankets and other soft things like the couch cushions to create the course and provide padding to potentially dangerous crash zones! Obstacle ideas you can include are chair tunnel, jump from one pillow to another, find something to use as a balancing beam and more. If you have hula-hoops and skipping ropes, then even better!

This activity is great as you can always come up with new obstacles for your kids or set time trials to add some competition, sure to keep them entertained for hours!


Create Your Own Story

If your kid(s) love a good story than why not set them the challenge of creating their own? This doesn’t just need to include writing, it can be character drawing, costume making and more!

Start by asking them to come up with a character or multiple along with a theme, then ask them to draw their characters and the place they are, this will let their creativity and imagination flow. From there, when they’re hooked asked them to write their own little story about the characters and place they have just come up with!


We hope this small list of fun indoor activities has given you an idea into things you and your kids can do away from the screens!

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