Gift Ideas for Dad!

Gift Ideas for Dad!

10+ Thoughtful And Fun Birthday and Father's Day Gifting Ideas For Dad

Have you ever struggled to find the right gift for Dad? A gift to appreciate him and show him how much you value everything he does for you. Something that would not be just another present but would mean something to him. A birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day gift that would excite him and make him happy on his special day… We know the struggle!

Your father most likely has every fancy tech device or product of choice he could ever desire. Thus, we've picked a few thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift ideas to help you plan your next big surprise.

The ideas cater to a wide range of activities, from sports to cheeky gifting. But before you begin, we’d like you to consider what kind of present would matter the most to your father. If he’d like a subscription box that he can enjoy over time, a personalised present that matches his personality and hobbies, or a humorous gift that will crack him up!

Whether you’re looking to gift your dad, or your husband, who is now a new dad, your stepdad, your father-in-law, or your grandfather, hopefully, a few of our ideas could be a good starting point for you to plan his next gift.

Masterclass Or Event Tickets:

Is your dad the dad of all dad jokes? Then why not let him hone his skills with a comedy masterclass or a live event?

If that’s a lot for your dad, he could try something else related to his hobbies. Be it cooking, gardening, beekeeping, painting, racing, coding, and much more! With a wide range of day masterclasses and events available for people across ages, it would be a nice idea to let your dad be a student for a day, meet like-minded people, and enjoy his time.

Mugs - So He Always Has A Hot Cuppa

Does your dad like his cuppa hot and not lukewarm? Why not get him a temperature-controlled smart mug? The product is app-controlled and has a charging coaster to keep your hot beverage warm with all-day heating.

Although it is on the expensive side, priced from £89 to about £150, it would be a decent choice if you’d like to spend a little extra for an all-day hot cup of tea or coffee for your dad.

Need something more affordable for the camper dad? We’d recommend camping mugs with double-wall insulation. It will be his perfect companion while trekking, camping, or fishing.

Alternatively, if you want to slyly address the elephant in the room, we 100% recommend this Best Farter Oops Father Ever Mug.

Shop the Ember Mugs here.

Shop for Stanley Camper Mug here.

Best Father Mugs are available on various websites.

Paid Subscriptions To Keep Him Entertained

Does your dad love to keep up to date with all current happenings – politics, entertainment, business and more? If so, then why not gift him an all-paid subscription to online websites like Magzter, Readly, or Pressreader? With a collection of over 4,000 popular newspapers and magazines, your dad will never have a dull day!

If he enjoys shows and movies over reading, many cinemas and theatres are offering weekly and monthly tickets for a paid subscription. However, if going out isn’t his thing, we always have OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and others to look forward to.

Acupressure Massage Slippers Towards A Healthier Life

Most dads like walking, and what better way to help them walk and sleep better with the added advantage of good health? It is found that walking in acupressure reflexology slippers can help ease foot pain and improve overall sleep quality. Since these slippers target the nerve endings, you have relaxed nerves and improved blood flow.

Ideal for all ages and levels of fitness and health, it can be used as a preventative approach or to ease pain and discomfort from any existing condition.

The reflexology slippers are available on various websites and vary in prices.

Portable Claw Back Scratcher

Whether you are old or young, we all have been asked to scratch our dad’s back at least once. This portable scratcher would be an ideal present for days he needs some back scratches without anyone’s help.

As funny as it sounds, this simple and affordable product could be a fun way to lighten up the room and have him grinning about his birthday present with those claw collections.

Experiences and/or Match Tickets:

Whether your dad is into golf, cricket, football, rugby, or some other sport, we are sure a match ticket to watch his favourite sport live will have him over the moon.

Also, there is no denying that experiences create memories. One of our recommendations would be to try experience providers who specialise in providing quality and safe experiences to customers. Two such companies are Virgin Experience Days and Journee Trips.

They specialise in providing travel surprises as well as guided tours to travellers with planned itineraries for a day or weeklong vacation. Whether your dad is a thrill seeker, an adventurer, or a nature lover, or he loves to try new things, you’d be amazed to find a variety of activities to choose from.

The Good Housekeeping Home Skills Book

This useful and appealing manual for dads, old or new, includes over 850 vital life skills for getting everything done faster and simpler. In this how-to guide, the editors and scientists of Good Housekeeping and its lab, the Good Housekeeping Institute, present brilliant ideas and trustworthy advice.

This go-to book comes with step-by-step illustrated directions, inspiring photographs, and practical guidance to get stuff done. It has chapters on the kitchen, organising and housekeeping, designing, home improvements, outdoor activities, entertainment and more.

Shop the book here.

Socks from your favourite socksperts - Roy's Boys!

You can never go wrong with socks, can you? At Roy’s Boys, we have a host of socks designed as per your needs and likings. If characters are something that dad likes, we have a wide range of character socks to suit his needs. If not, then we also have premium dress socks, cosy socks, and slipper socks for all the young and old dads.

Additionally, our early range of socks called the Odd socks are best for the quirky dads who do not like the ordinary. The mismatched pair is a great accessory to their ensemble while also being a fun conversation starter.

Shop all Roy's Boys socks collection, here.

Toilet Timer For The Dads Who Love Their Toilet Time

We’d be lying if we said that dads do not cherish their “me time” on the toilets. This toilet timer, available on Amazon, is a cheeky gift for your dad who loves their toilet time.

This funny toilet timer is available on Amazon. You can buy it here

Pet Feeder For The Forgetful Dog Dads

A pet feeder is one of the perfect gifts for all dog dads. So now, one wouldn't have to worry whether their pet has been fed on time or if they have been fed twice due to some miscommunication.

Get your hands on these pet feeder here

Alcoholic Beverage of Choice or A Cute Mini Barrel

One can never go wrong with alcohol as a present for dad, can they? Get him his favourite alcoholic beverage of choice, or even better if you like.

For the whiskey-loving dad, this little whiskey or wine barrel can be used to store alcohol as well as be included in most decorating themes. This gorgeous mini barrel may also be used to embellish your home or mini bar. 

Various mini barrel designs and options are available on Amazon and Etsy.

Photos by: АНАТОЛИЙ, Alena Darmel, and thevibrantmachine

No matter the kind of relationship you share with your dad(s). For the man who does and gives his all for you, he will appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness as the best present in the world.

Adding to the above, we are also sure that a quiet private time with his kids, sharing his jokes, wise wisdom, and just spending some time with you is what he needs occasionally.

Whether you’d like to take him for a walk followed by a nice, simple, fancy, or extravagant lunch or dinner date (as per your preferences). We bet, he’d love spending time with you and his loved ones more than all the gifts put together.


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