Bluey 101 | Answering the Questions Every Fan Has

Bluey 101 | Answering the Questions Every Fan Has

Being Bluey fans ourselves, we noticed a few questions we had kept popping up.

From simple things such as, is Bluey a boy or a girl? How old is Bluey? To some trickier one’s like what breed of dogs are each of the characters in Bluey? Where can I watch Bluey? Or, where is Bluey set?

We aim to answer some of the web's most frequently searched questions all in one place for you, the viewer! So, let’s get started.


Is Bluey a boy or girl?

Probably the most common question viewers have when watching the show, and for good reason, it’s not immediately clear when watching the show. But why is this?

Because many people will associate colours with specific genders, it is easy to assume that Bluey is a boy, as she is blue, as well as being the same colour as her dad Bandit, and Bingo is a girl because she is orange, and the same colour as their mum Chilli. Despite this, the creators have publicly referred to Bluey as ‘her’ and if you pay close attention to the show, Bandit also refers to Bluey as a she.


How old is Bluey?

Bluey is 6 years old in the show and is the older sister to Bingo who is 4 years old in the show later turning 5.

(Image courtesy: The Guardian)

As for Bandit and Chilli, it is speculated that Bandit is somewhere between 43 and 45, as in the episode Fairytale it is assumed that it would have taken place during 1988 or 89, and as Bandit was 10 during this, that’s how people have come to this age. As for Chilli it is not yet known entirely as there is nothing to go of in the episodes and there is no official statement.


What breed of dogs are each of the characters?

To keep this short and sweet, we will display this in a quick list for some of the main/reoccurring characters!

(Image Courtesy: BBC)

-         Bluey, Bingo, Bandit & Chilli – Heeler or Australian cattle dog

-         Daisy & Honey – Beagles

-         Rusty – Australian red kelpie

-         Coco – Poodle

-         Jack & Lulu – Jack Russell terriers

-         Winton – English Bulldog

-         Chloe – Dalmatian

-         Lucky, Jean-Luc & chucky – Labrador retrievers

-         Mackenzie – Border collie

-         Indy – Afghan hound

-         Snickers – Dachshund

-         Judo – Chow Chow


Where can I watch Bluey?

There are a couple of ways you can watch the heeler family’s adventures!

Disney Plus is where you will be able to stream the show and watch all of the latest episodes!

(Image courtesy: Disney)

For more options we recommend looking at JustWatch who have detailed the ways the show can be viewed in the UK.


Where is Bluey set?

Bluey is set in Australia, I’m sure most of you knew that, but did you know that Bluey and her family live in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in the show? They are also situated right on the coast!

(Image courtesy:

On the Bluey Official website, you can also see how the creators have incorporated real life locations within the real-world counterpart of the city into the show! You can view pictures and comparisons of these locations here.


Who voices Bluey?

A simple question with a slightly more complex answer. As it stands today, pinpointing who the voice actors are for Bluey Bingo and their friends is impossible. Why is this? Well it turns out that the loveable cast of little pups are voice acted by children of the production crew, as stated by the series creator Joe Brumm.

As a result, the children who voice the characters aren’t credited in the series in order to protect the child actor’s identities.

What about the characters we do know? Well to start Bandit, the heeler dad is voice acted by David McCormack, the lead singer of the band Custard. Chilli is voiced by Australian film and TV actor Melanie Zanetti.

There has also been a growing collection of celebrity cameos throughout the show with Natalie Portman in the episode ‘Whale Watching’, Meg Washington in ‘Calypso’ and more!


We hope this has answered some of those burning questions you might have had! With Bluey Season 3 well underway, I have no doubts that more questions will pop up in the future, so be ready!

While your here, why not check out our Bluey Collection! Perfect for you and your little heelers!

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