Bluey On The Go: Ten Games To Keep Your Little Heeler Entertained

Bluey On The Go: Ten Games To Keep Your Little Heeler Entertained

Being a parent is a full-time job, and I am sure many would agree that no two days are alike. You’re always innovating and convincing your kids about something they should do or try while trying your best to make mundane tasks interesting. Most importantly, you’re relentlessly creating a world of positivity and a fun and safe environment for your little one.

Speaking about creativity and innovation, inventing new games to keep your child entertained for longer is a task, especially after you've used up every creative game you thought would keep them entertained for a while.

Whether you’re looking for new games to keep your little heeler occupied on a long drive, flight, at home, or outside, we’ve got a solution.

Here are some Bluey games you can play with your children while on the go to keep them entertained:

I Spy:

Have your child look for Bluey items in the surrounding environment and guess what they are.

Bluey Charades:

Have your child act out different scenes or characters from the show for you to guess.

20 Questions:

Think of a Bluey character or item and have your child ask yes-or-no questions to try to figure out what it is. Or, you can also play it like Bluey and Bingo below.

Bluey Memory:

Bring a set of Bluey cards or print out some Bluey character images and play a memory game.

You can also check out the BBC's Bluey-themed memory book template here.

Bluey Story:

Have your child create a story using Bluey characters and settings, and take turns adding to the story.


Bluey Matching:

Print out some Bluey characters or images and cut them out, then play a matching game with your child.

Bluey Spot the Differences:

Print out two pictures from the show and have your child find the differences between them.

You can also check out the BBC's online version of the game here.

Bluey Word Scramble:

Write down the names of the Bluey characters or items and scramble the letters. Then have your child unscramble the words.

Bluey Trivia:

Ask your child Bluey-related questions and see how many they can answer.

Bluey Draw and Tell:

Give your child a pen and paper, have them draw a scene from the show, and then have them tell a story about it.

Is there a version of a Bluey game you enjoy playing with your little one? Why not let us know in the comments below?

*Bluey image courtesy: Ludo Studio

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