Bluey Summer Essentials from Roy’s Boys

Bluey Summer Essentials from Roy’s Boys

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the kids are ready to embark on their epic summertime adventures. As a parent, you want your little ones to have a blast while staying comfortable and protected. That's why we bring you the coolest Bluey summer essentials to make their sunny escapades a breeze.  From funky Bluey cotton t-shirts and shorts to colourful character socks and canvas pumps, these must-haves will have your kids ready to conquer the season!

Bluey Kids Unisex T-Shirt

Let's face it, no summer wardrobe is complete without comfy cotton t-shirts. Our Bluey kid’s unisex t-shirt features some fun colours and designs that will make your child the envy of the playground. Whether they're into Bluey or Bingo or both, our keepy-uppy t-shirt will suit every budding explorer's taste. And guess what? These t-shirts are as soft as a summer breeze, perfect for those long days of play.

Shop our Bluey t-shirts here.


Bluey Kids Unisex Shorts

As the temperature rises, it's time to bring out the shorts! Our Bluey unisex children's shorts are both fashionable and functional. They are designed to keep your little Heelers stay cool and comfy all day long. 

Shop our Bluey shorts here


Character Socks for character-loving children 

What better to pair your child's favourite shoes with their new would-be-favourite pair of socks? If you don't already know about our 4for£10 deal, you are in for a treat. Choose four pairs of our children's Bluey socks or any other character socks of your choice for just £10! Mix and match and experience the comfortable fit and well-washing quality socks that Roy's Boys is known for. 

Shop our 4for£10 children's socks deal here.


Bluey & Bingo Children's Canvas Pumps

Every child needs a trusted pair of shoes, and for summer, our easy fasten canvas pumps are the way to go! These lightweight and breathable Bluey & Bingo shoes are ideal for active kids who love exploring every nook and corner. Whether they're climbing trees or racing their friends, these pumps provide the perfect combination of style and support. Say goodbye to sweaty feet and hello to endless summer fun with their favourite character!

Shop our Bluey & Bingo canvas pumps here.


Bluey/Bingo Kids Reversible Bucket Hat

For children who love both characters just as much as we love them, protect your little one's head with our reversible Bluey/Bingo bucket hat for kids. With bright orange Bingo on one side and Bluey design on the other, your little Heeler can switch up their look to match their mood and outfit for the day. It's a win-win situation!

Shop our Bluey/Bingo reversible hat here.

Additionally, if you too are a fan of Bluey, we have our unisex adults Bandit bucket hat for you. Match with the kids and together flaunt your love for the heelers out and loud. 

Shop our Bandit hat here.


Bluey Children's Swimsuit and Poncho Towel 

Lastly, what is summer without a trip to the beach or the pool? Our range of swimsuits is designed to make a splash with vibrant colours and playful Bluey patterns. Whether you're looking for that perfect Bluey swimsuit or poncho towel, we have the right swimwear to suit their taste. Made from high quality material, our swimwear will keep your little water enthusiasts happy and confident as they explore their summer adventures.  

Shop our Bluey swimwear here.

This summer, if you're looking for some Bluey summer inspiration for your little one or looking for that perfect birthday gift, look no further! Check out our Bluey collection today! 

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