Have You Met Kids’ Favourite Club Leader, Duggee?

Have You Met Kids’ Favourite Club Leader, Duggee?

Hey Duggee has been a part of Roy’s Boys character collection for many years. And yet, the love for the character and the show keeps growing year after year. Just like children, adults are fans of this UK-based popular children's animated series.

The well-liked TV programme is created by Grant Orchard and is produced by Studio AKA in association with BBC Studios.

Who is Duggee?

Duggee is a big brown friendly dog who runs The Squirrel Club, an activity club for kids.

Gif courtesy: Giphy/heyduggee

He is caring, kind, and most importantly, a great role model for young kids in the club he runs. He is soft-spoken. Although Duggee mostly speaks in "woofs," it makes it even more entertaining and engaging for children to watch him explore his day by teaching and playing with the squirrels.

What is the Hey Duggee show about?

The popular UK-based animated series is built around Duggee. In each episode, the kids in the Squirrel Club participate in different activities, go on adventures, and receive badges for their achievements.

Gif courtesy: Giphy/heyduggee

As the leader of the club, Duggee aspires to inspire in all episodes. The characters in the Hey Duggee programme motivate children to have fun, be active, and – most of all – to do things and get things done!

What age is Hey Duggee aimed at?

The show is created for kids and is aimed at ages two to five years. However, the content of the show is so entertaining and educational that people of all ages enjoy it. From kids to teenagers to adults, Hey Duggee is undoubtedly a hit with all age groups.

Where can we watch it?

Hey Duggee has short 7-minute-long episodes for its little viewers. It is perfect for the little one’s short attention span.

The episodes are available free of charge to all on BBC iPlayer. The short video episodes are also available on its official YouTube channel, HeyDuggeeOfficial.

Who are the other characters and cast of Hey Duggee

Gif courtesy: Giphy/heyduggee

Apart from Duggee, the show also features other key characters, such as:

  • Betty, the purple octopus.
  • Happy, who is a cheerful crocodile.
  • A kind-hearted mouse called Norrie.
  • Roly, the hippopotamus, is loud and fun.
  • Clumsy and friendly, Tag is a rhinoceros.

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