Here Come The Grannies - Dressing Up like Janet and Rita for Halloween

Here Come The Grannies - Dressing Up like Janet and Rita for Halloween

The Grannies’ episode is one of the most loved and adored Bluey episodes of all time. Whether it is “I slipped on my beans!” or “Nice parking spot, Rita," both adults and children have enjoyed and laughed at it. Yes, for real life!

Halloween is close, and what better way to dress up like Grannies, Janet, and Rita this year?

Giphy: Bluey

Here is a simple DIY project to help your kids be the best copies of their favourite iconic granny duo.

Items you’d need:

One purple and one orange blanket or a towel

Some borrowed granny glasses

A purse with some coins

A makeshift stick

Roy’s Boys Bingo/Bluey Children’s Pyjamas

Rita Bingo Children’s socks and Janet Bluey Children’s socks

How do you look the part?

Dress your kids in their Bingo/Bluey PJs and Rita or Janet children’s socks as their base fashion pieces.

For Bingo, wrap your child’s head and body with a purple blanket or towel over their PJ set. Likewise, for Bluey, wrap their head and body with an orange blanket or towel.

Pair the Bluey outfit with the Granny glasses, and the purse with coins, and hand Bingo their makeshift stick.

If you feel a little bit fancier, pair their outfits with our Roy’s Boys Bluey and Bingo slipper socks for that extra touch.

And, Wackadoo! There you have your grannies for Halloween!

Photo credit: Official Bluey TV

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Cover photo credit: Reddit

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