How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

It’s that magical time of the year again, It’s Christmas! And one thing is for certain, the Christmas tree. For you families with kids anywhere between the ages of 2 to early teens you know that putting up the decorations is a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in.

So, we thought this year we would focus on providing you with a sure-fire way of making your Christmas tree the centre piece it was always meant to be, look full of Christmas spirit, wow guests and house as many presents as possible! Let’s begin!


Fluff those branches

One problem many Christmas trees face is looking thin and not full of branches. This can lead to people being able to see in through the tree and out the other side, or see the trunk of the tree, which always throws the aesthetic of.

This is especially the case with artificial trees which have been used year after year. Once put away they are crammed into the box and usually put back in the loft, so make sure before attaching all the branches that you get everyone fluffing/shaping them. As an added tip, make sure to wear gloves as the branches can be very prickly and can give you or your kids some unwanted splinters.


Lights First

Lights are important as at gives your tree depth and that ‘stand-out’ factor. However, there are some pitfalls you will need to watch out for.

One thing to know is that the colour of your lights will be the main colour of your tree, so making sure they compliment your other decoration which are going on the tree is very important. Ensuring you other decorations don’t clash is the key to making a beautiful Christmas tree, but feel free to use some baubles as added bursts of colour which don’t always follow suit.

By adding lights first, you can choose how deep into the tree you want them to sit and position them precisely so that you get the brightness you want. It also makes it easier when taking the tree down as you know all other decorations need to come of first.


Add your Garland/Ribbon

A little less strict with the rules than the lights, draping your garland over the tree will give it some flair, however, be careful not to over crowd your tree! To ensure it doesn’t get caught in any of the branches you should start from the top of your tree and drape it down and around.

An alternative to garland which is just as popular is using ribbon in its place, either work fine and it is completely up to you on how you want your tree to look!


Hang your Ornaments

Now onto the fun part. Getting everyone involve in adding the ornaments is one of the best parts of decorating the house, let alone the tree. Everyone is free to add their own style to the tree which is great. But, do you want to know how to really make your tree pop?

Start by adding your favourite ornaments in key positions everyone will see when looking at the tree, make sure not to bunch them up. Then add two more in a close bunch with varying sizes to each of the main ornaments. Finally evenly spread the rest of you decorations, filling in any empty space on the tree.

This will help accentuate the trees defining features and complete the look!


The Final Touch

Last but certainly not least, add your crown jewel, the centre piece of the tree, the start on top and begin stacking the presents around the base. You’re all done!


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