How To Style Your Socks - Cashmere Edition

How To Style Your Socks - Cashmere Edition

Our suit style guide featuring a selection of our cotton-cashmere socks!

With the perfect blend of cashmere and cotton, they provide instant comfort and style but also durability for everyday use. We have selected a few of our cotton-cashmere socks to create the perfect suit style guide for any occasion.

Monochrome Collection

We have three brand new cotton-cashmere socks to add to our collection, these are distinctive patterns in a monochrome colourway, an ideal accessory for any outfit.

We paired our monochrome collection with an all-black suit and shoes to allow the contrasting shades of the socks to stand out. The collection features a houndstooth print, a paisley print and a rug inspired print taken from Martin (Roy's Second Boys) home. The cotton-cashmere blend provides extra comfort and style to any outfit, which makes the perfect gift! Launching tomorrow! (18th September)


The Plain Socks

We then have a collection of plain cotton cashmere socks, these are perfect for those who prefer a classic addition to their outfit or a solid, bold colour to brighten their look.

The Oatmeal Sock

A casual vibe! These light grey socks are the perfect all-round socks, they can be paired with any outfit but also are a safe option for those who prefer a lighter sock. Styled here with printed trousers and a black leather shoe they are perfect for any occasion, no matter what you get up to! Shop them here: Oatmeal Sock

The Red Sock

A navy suit is always going to be a staple win in any wardrobe, but have you ever thought of pairing it with a bold red sock? See above the transformation a colourful sock can have on a plain outfit! Paired with tan shoes this easy to wear staple will be a sure favourite in your collection. Shop the socks here:

The Navy Sock

A spin on a regular colour, this navy sock is paired with grey trousers and black leather shoes to create the perfect outfit for all seasons. Not only can this sock be worn with blacks and greys, but the navy sock would also look stylish with an all navy suit to create a coordinated outfit! Shop the socks here:


The Diamond Print Socks

These socks are perfect for people looking to add a subtle, patterned accessory to their outfit.

The Red Diamond Print Sock

The red diamond print sock is a great option for when you want to add subtle colour and pattern to your outfit. This sock was styled with grey trousers and navy suede shoe to show this sock works well with even the simplest or textured attire. Shop them here:

The Green Diamond Print Sock

A more wintery combination, the perfect attire for any Christmas events. These green diamond navy cotton-cashmere socks are a staple win for any wardrobe, paired here with a dark grey tailored trousers and a black leather shoe they are the perfect mix of fun and sophistication. Shop them here:

The Blue Diamond Print Sock

Anyone who enjoys a daring choice, this is the outfit for you. Patterned suit on a patterned sock, paired with a tan leather shoe – perfect for the transition from Summer into Autumn. Shop them here:


Shop our full range of cotton-cashmere socks here: 


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