Meet Ryder – The Young, Wise Leader Of The PAW Patrol

Meet Ryder – The Young, Wise Leader Of The PAW Patrol

First premiered in 2013, PAW Patrol is a show about a boy called, Ryder. 

He is young and wise and looks after a group of dogs that work in research and rescue missions. The brave group led by Ryder is called the PAW Patrol. They work together on missions to defend and protect Adventure Bay and its neighbouring regions.

As a ten-year-old, Ryder is the main protagonist of the animated series. He is creative, intelligent, and a problem solver. He has trained the puppy group and has also invented all the gadgets used by the PAW Patrol. He is technologically skilled and has created the puppies' equipment and cars.

Even though he is a young lad, Ryder is quite precautious for his age.

In the series, Ryder appears to be quite cool and composed on missions. He is also very calm, tolerant, and compassionate, making him an excellent PAW Patrol commander. He's also gentle and caring with his puppies. Ryder’s always prepared to help someone without expecting anything in return, even if that person happens to be a villain. Despite Mayor Humdinger's conspiracies (he is the villain in the show), Ryder is quite reasonable and sympathetic toward him.

Although Ryder is the patrol leader, he is still a child who loves playing with the pups and having fun, like all kids his age.

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