Meet The Pups!

Meet The Pups!

Paw Patrol has many interesting and unique characters, but what sets it apart from other shows is the amazing cast of pups that make up the core team, whom we the viewers follow from episode to episode!

So let’s take a moment to brush up on our knowledge of each of the loveable little companions!

Chase | The Police Officer On Duty

Portrayed as a mature, brown-furred German Shepherd with lighter,  tan fur for his face and paws. Chase is very athletic and often shows the characteristics of a leader, which is reflected throughout the show as he takes charge in some situations with his iconic line “Chase is on the case”! Sporting a police uniform and hat, he takes his role in protection seriously and sometimes goes one step further donning his super-spy gear. His glaring flaw however is his allergies to cats and feathers!

Chase has appeared in every episode of Paw Patrol!

Photo Courtesy: Nick Jr GIPHY

Marshall | The Firefighting Bundle Of Energy

Shown as a Dalmatian with spotted white fur and bright blue eyes, he is most often seen sporting a red vest and firefighter helmet with his red backpack, featuring his trusty water cannon. He is easily excited and quickly noticeable as the clumsy pup of the group, often saying “I’m okay!” after an unfortunate mishap! Marshall is also the medic of the group, wearing a red cap with yellow trim when his skills are needed, replacing his usual firefighter helmet, and replacing his red backpack with a pup pack with medical supplies such as his thermometer and bandages!

Marshal has appeared in every episode of Paw Patrol!

Photo Courtesy: Nick Jr GIPHY

Skye | The Sky Soaring Cockapoo

A smart and loveable cockapoo, Skye enjoys flying around in her helicopter, or alternatively, the wings which are kept in her pup pack. Often graceful and cheery with a smile, Skye is also a competitive pup who acts as the team’s air rescue support. She has mostly cream-coloured fur, and wears an entirely pink costume with an aviator cap! She often uses her main callout “Let’s take to the sky” when taking off into the air!

Skye has appeared in every episode of Paw Patrol!

Photo Courtesy: Nick Jr GIPHY

Rocky | The All-In-One Handyman (or handy-pup?)

A mix-breed pup with grey fur, white paws, a white-tipped tail, and blue spots Rocky is the team’s ever-enthusiastic recycler with a tool for every job in his pup pack! Eco-friendly and always resourceful Rocky gets around in his recycling truck which can transform into a tugboat. He is, however, fearful of any water-based missions! He often uses his calls which are “Green means go!” and “Don’t lose it, reuse it!”

Rocky has appeared in every episode of Paw Patrol!


Photo Courtesy: Nick Jr GIPHY

Rubble | The Trusty Tradesman (Trades-pup?)

Rubble is a rough-and-tumble English Bulldog with brown fur and a white belly that also covers a large portion of his face. He wears a black collar which has a yellow tag with a wrench symbol, he also sports a yellow hardhat and vest which Is fitting for his role as the Builder/construction worker of the group! He is a big eater often telling jokes to the other pups, his main callouts are “Rubble on the double!” and “Let’s dig it”. (He is my personal favourite!)

Rubble has appeared in every episode of Paw Patrol!

Photo Courtesy: Nick Jr GIPHY

Zuma | The Super Surfing Lifeguard

Zuma is a Chocolate Labrador with brown fur, big floppy ears, and green eyes. He often wears his bright orange water helmet and scuba gear on his back and gets around on his hovercraft that can transform into a submarine! He loves a good laugh, is scared of ghosts and his main callouts are “Let’s dive in!” and “Ready, set, get wet!”

Zuma has appeared in every episode of Paw Patrol!

Photo Courtesy: PAW Patrol: The Movie GIPHY

These are the main pups in the team, however, there are also 3 more recurring pups who can be seen throughout the show!


Robo-Dog | The Loveable Robo-Co-Pilot

A fast robotic pup built by Ryder (see our previous blog to learn all about him!) Robo-dog has the important duty of driving the PAW Patrol’s multi-member vehicles such as the PAW Patroller and the Air Patroller! He cannot speak and communicates in barks!

Robo-Dog debuts in “Pups Save Ryder’s Robot” and he officially becomes a member in “The New Pup”.

Photo Courtesy: Fandom PAW Patrol WIKI

Everest | The snow-loving Siberian Husky

A grey-coloured husky pup, Everest loves performing rescues in the snow, and any food liver flavoured! She is enthusiastic and energetic and is very good friends with Jake, whom she saved in her debut episode “The New Pup”

Everest made her debut in “The New Pup” where she became an official member of the team.

 Photo Courtesy: Fandom PAW Patrol WIKI

Tracker | The Jungle Ranger

Tracker is a Chihuahua who lives in the jungle and has brown fur with a white belly, face, and paws. He usually sports a dark green hat and vest. He is bilingual and has great hearing abilities allowing him to save someone in danger when necessary. He has a fear of dark places and especially does not like being left alone in them. He gets around in his Jeep and his callouts are “I’m all ears!” and “Oy-oy-oy!”

Tracker debuted in the episode “Tracker Joins the Pups!”

Photo Courtesy: Fandom PAW Patrol WIKI

That’s all the core members! I hope this helped catch you up to speed and ready for the new PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, set to release on September 19th this year!


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