Meet Global Phenomenon, YouTube Teacher, and Toddlers’ Favourite Entertainer, Blippi!

Meet Global Phenomenon, YouTube Teacher, and Toddlers’ Favourite Entertainer, Blippi!

Meet the character and creator of the popular show for toddlers. 

Who is Blippi?

Created by Stevin John in January 2014, Blippi is an American entertainment TV Programme. Initially, the show was released on YouTube to give educational and entertaining content to children aged two to seven.

Since the show's inception, the YouTube channel has accumulated over 16.2 million subscribers and 11 billion views.

Blippi is played by Stevin John himself, and the show has him creating fun content for children.

What is Blippi about?

The programme portrays a childish man who is interested, curious, and active. Blippi teaches young children to count, colour, write letters, and much more through his videos. His videos are fun for toddlers and kids alike because of his silly characteristics and pleasant mannerism. Also appreciated by parents, Blippi provides engaging and instructional content, which introduces and encourages youngsters to enjoy learning.

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Blippi has swiftly caught children's attention and hearts. The show and the creators of Blippi intend to reach people via every possible medium, including television, film, live performances, and digital media.

Blippi's appeal to youngsters and parents has contributed to the show's success. Children bond with the endearing Blippi character, while parents like the engaging and instructive lessons.

To say the least, Blippi has educated thousands of kids in a way that is engaging and endearing to children!

Where can we watch Blippi?

Blippi can be watched online on its official YouTube channel: Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids. It can also be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.

How do we dress like Blippi?

The infamous Blippi outfit is a combination of bright blue and orange colours.

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To dress like Blippi, one would need orange suspenders, a bow tie, and glasses of the same colour. It will be paired with a blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Finally, use an orange and blue beanie hat to complete the look.

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Feeling a little fancy? Add an extra touch to your Blippi outfit with a pair of Roy’s Boys Blippi socks.

Available for kids and adults, the socks are comfortable to wear, cosy and will give you the confidence to feel like your favourite character.

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