Must Visit: Bonfire Night Events In England

Must Visit: Bonfire Night Events In England

Guy Fawkes Night, often referred to as Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night, or Guy Fawkes Day, is celebrated annually, particularly in Great Britain, on November 5th. It involves magnificent bonfires and fireworks displays.

With just a few days remaining for this year’s Guy Fawkes night, here is a list of some annual bonfire and firework display events you could visit across the country.


Ally Pally's Fireworks Festival

The north London neighbourhood of Alexandra Palace has hosted one of the city's most spectacular fireworks displays every November for more than 150 years. This year's festival spans two days and has a variety of events, such as a German fest, an ice-skating rink, and some of the greatest street cuisines from London's top restaurants. Although the festival tickets are now sold out, you can probably still enjoy them if you are around the area.

Harrow Fireworks

A free entry fun fair open from 12 noon until 3 PM, Byron Park would be open to all with activities and an array of food stalls. However, one would need a ticket to attend the fireworks event starting around 7:30 PM.

For tickets and other information, click here.

Battersea Park in South London

The Battersea Park fireworks display on Sunday night features a special, breathtaking show specially tailored for children. Although the 5th November display night tickets are all sold out, the Sunday event is another opportune day to visit the stunning light installation.

For tickets and other information, click here.


The fireworks event at the fort will light up the night sky over the River Tyne, where Swan Hunter formerly launched its ships.

Since admission to the museum is free after 4 PM, why not participate in the kid-friendly craft projects, see the exhibitions, and then pick the best location outdoors to witness the spectacular display starting at 6:30 PM?

Photo credit: Jonas Von Werne


A free fun fair event for all, the firework show will start at 7.30 PM after the lighting of the bonfire, which is scheduled at 7 PM. The event will take place at Queen’s Park in Heywood.

For tickets and other information, click here.


Lewes Bonfire Night is perhaps one of the largest celebrations in the UK. It will feature six different Lewes Bonfire Societies celebrating in various sections of the town, each with its own processions, customs, costumes, fire locations, and fireworks. The first of the several processions this year begins at 5.10 PM, and the final one concludes at approximately midnight.

For more information, click here.


On November 5, gates open at 6 PM for Bodmin's annual bonfire, laser show, and spectacular fireworks display at Priory Park Football Field, Bodmin. A fun late afternoon fair with kiddie rides, food, and beverages will ensure that your bonfire night is a memorable evening with your loved ones.

For more information, click here.


Swansea Bay will shine in the fireworks display. The free show will take place aboard a barge in the water by the bay for the first time. Pre-concert entertainment will also include a fire display, glow artists, and walkabout performances starting at 6 PM.

For more information, click here.

Photo credit: North Wales Live


Explore the world of LEGO® from November 4 through November 6 and end the day with a spectacular fireworks show at Legoland, Windsor. After an enjoyable day at the theme park, experience the beautiful firework display starting at 6 PM.

For tickets and other information, click here.


As one of the biggest fireworks displays in the Midlands, the spectacular fireworks are set against the panorama of Kenilworth Castle. This celebration has developed over many years to become the greatest fireworks show in the area, drawing visitors to Kenilworth from all around Warwickshire and beyond.

For tickets and other information, click here.


The above are just a few events. However, there are certainly many other fireworks display events planned across the country.

To check the closest event near you, we would recommend you check your council’s social media page or website for more information.

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