Oink! Oink! Meet Peppa Pig’s Loud, Funny Yet Adorable Family

Oink! Oink! Meet Peppa Pig’s Loud, Funny Yet Adorable Family

Peppa Pig is a household name. Every kid or adult has watched an episode of the popular show, or may have unintentionally even seen it on screen, online posts, or posters. From series to movies, Peppa Pig and her family are some of the most popular children's characters globally.

Astley Baker Davies, an independent London-based animation firm, produced Peppa Pig. The firm is run by Peppa Pig co-creators and producers, Phil Davies, Mark Baker, and Neville Astley.

Animators and co-founders Mark Baker and Neville Astley created the popular animated series.

The show premiered on 31st May 2004. Since then, the show has been available to viewers in 40+ languages and in over 180 countries.

If you still do not know Peppa Pig, let us introduce you to her and her family.

Who is Peppa?

Peppa is a female anthropomorphic piglet. She is a boisterous, animated pig who is very bossy and mostly negligent. She is also mischievous and impulsive. Although she may get agitated, she is not particularly spoilt. At times, she might be impolite and stubborn. However, she will often come around to offer an apology for her wrongdoings.

She is bright, confident, and a very sassy four-year-old. She is full of energy and curiosity.

GIF by Peppa Pig

Peppa lives with her parents and her younger brother, George. This little pink piglet loves playing games and attending playgroups with her brother and other friends.

The show includes Peppa Pig, her family, and her peers (played by different animals).

Meet George!

George is a two-year-old piglet. He is the loving younger sibling who admires and cares for Peppa. He is also restless and timid.

GIF by Peppa Pig

The smallest amongst most of the cast in the show, he enjoys being the centre of attention. Even though he is a toddler, his interests include space exploration and dinosaurs.

Peppa regularly accompanies George while playing and exploring new areas of interest. He is often seen asking Peppa a million questions on the way!

 GIF By Nick Jr

Oink! Oink! Introducing Daddy and Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig is a loving role model for all the young characters in the show. She tries to help everyone, offering guidance or making them happy. She loves the outdoors and likes spending time with her family or taking trips away from home. An enthusiastic cook, Mummy Pig, is often seen cooking or baking for the family.

GIF by Peppa Pig

She, like most mums, habitually tries to warn Daddy Pig during his carefree performances around kids. She also regularly teases and makes fun of Daddy Pig.

Overall, they share a beautiful relationship where they both adore each other dearly.

GIF by Peppa Pig

On the other hand, Daddy Pig is funny, clumsy, silly, hyperactive, and goofy.

He loves meeting new people and socialising with them. He may occasionally be lazy and careless. Regardless, he is a brilliant engineer who has planned and designed a house for a family.

Video by LydGiggs

Like his kids, Peppa and George, Daddy too is a fan of muddy puddles. He is seen jumping up and down them, splashing with his kids.

Most characters on the show ridicule Daddy Pig for his large dad belly, and he is often made fun of. But, even with frequent humour and mockery, Daddy Pig is a good sport and takes the comments as a joke.

Meet the wise, old Grandpa and Granny Pig!

Like all grandparents, Grandpa and Granny Pig are wise, funny, and extremely caring.

Granny Pig loves to bake yummy chocolate cakes for Peppa and George. She lovingly calls them “little ones” while addressing them. Likewise, Grandpa Pig is great at fixing broken things. He loves to make things himself; he has also made a fancy racing car for little George. Together, in the show, Grandpa and Grandma Pig own a pet parrot called Polly. 

Image source: YouTube/PeppaPig

These unique characters and stories have made Peppa Pig what it is today! For 18 years running, Peppa has received the same love since its pilot episode in 2004.

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