Peppa Pig 101 | Answering the Questions every fan has

Peppa Pig 101 | Answering the Questions every fan has

By now, every parent in the UK has had Peppa Pig on the TV for their little one at least once. Everyone certainly knows the name ‘Peppa Pig’ at the very least. Well after doing some digging, we realised fans of the massively successful show tend to be searching for the same few questions in hopes of simple and quick answers. So here is a quick-fire Q&A with the questions provided by you and the answers provided by us!

How Old Is Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig is 4 years old in the show. She lives with Mummy and Daddy Pig as well as her little brother George who is 2 years old.

(Image courtesy: WallpaperSafari)

As for the parents, Mummy Pig is believed to be slightly younger than Daddy Pig who is speculated to be around 30 years old. This is because there has been no official age given to the characters from the creators!


Where can I Watch Peppa Pig?

Simple question, slightly complicated answer. In the UK you are able to watch it from the following sites:

Disney+ - Stream from subscription

YouTube - the official channel often has full episodes and live stream playing

Netflix – In the UK you can stream Peppa Pig on this platform, other countries may not be able to watch on this platform.

You are also able to watch Peppa Pig on some other platforms however the number of episodes is limited as they do not have access to all of the seasons. For more information you can check out JustWatch for the details.


Where is Peppa Pig World?

If you didn’t know already, there is a Peppa Pig themed amusement park, perfect for taking your little ones out for a day they wont forget!

(Image Courtesy: New Forest)

Address: Paultons Park, Ower, Romsey, The New Forest, Hampshire SO51 6AL

Easy to reach, Paultons is just off exit 2 of the M27, you should be fine if you follow the brown tourist signs on the motorway.

West bound – when leaving the M3 to join M27 bear left to take M27 West towards Bournemouth and Southampton. Do not follow signs to M27 E (Portsmouth).

For more information, you can visit the Paultons Park Page.


What are the names and animals in Peppa Pig?

Here is a quick list of all the characters and what animal they are from the show!

(Image courtesy: Washington Post)

Pig – Peppa, George Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig

Zebra - Zoe

Sheep - Suzy

Rabbit - Rebecca

Pony - Pedro

Giraffe - Gerald

Fox - Freddie

Elephant - Emily

Dog - Danny

Cat - Candy

Mouse - Mandy

Mole – Molly


How Tall Is Peppa Pig?

The official answer to this question is 3 feet 9 inches, or 1.1 meters. However due to a post from Insider, citing the internet as their source they had Peppa Listed at a staggering 7 feet 1 inch tall!

This all was due a Twitter user posting what appeared to be a google search result displaying Peppa’s height at 7’1’’, which then spread like wild fire, with people sharing and making memes out of the post.


We hope we managed to answer at least one of the questions you have had on your mind about the Cartoon sensation, and while you’re here, why not check out our Peppa Pig Collection which has socks, pyjamas and more!

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