When Should I Start Planning And Preparing For Christmas?

When Should I Start Planning And Preparing For Christmas?

Your Christmas Countdown Checklist.

Christmas might seem far away for most people. However, we all agree that we know somebody who has already started planning and buying for Christmas. There are several ways to prepare for Christmas, and everyone does it differently.

For those of us in the earlier category, let us help us plan your Christmas countdown with a checklist.  If you wish to start planning for Christmas as soon as possible, Roy's Boys' list will help you get started and ensure that you have everything you will need right when Christmas arrives.


Since we’re almost nearing the end of September, it is a good time to sit down with your partner, plan and make a gift list for your immediate and extended family members and friends. Also, with the increasing cost of living and fluctuating prices, it is better to start planning a little early this year.

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Make your Christmas gift list.

Add the gift ideas next to the names of the people you wish to buy gifts for. Then, start browsing for the items online and tentatively scan the items for their prices, allowing you to budget your gifts accordingly.

Make a budget.

Budgeting for spending is a vital but often overlooked stage in Christmas preparation. Cost-cutting experts really recommend that you prioritise budgeting above creating a Christmas list since some folks write down everything they would like to do and buy regardless of cost and wind up in debt. Which is an interesting point.

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Make a list of the gifts you’d like to receive.

This one may seem a little odd, but most often, families and friends will ask you what you’d like to receive before they buy you a random Christmas gift. This is particularly sensible when you have kids. Since you constantly need to buy things for the house or for the little ones, a little gift of the things you’re eyeing for yourself from your loved one isn’t a bad idea.

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Making holiday plans.

If you stay away from your family, Christmas is usually the time for a family reunion and a grand yet humble get-together. September is the best time to sort out tickets and other travel-related arrangements. If you need to travel to your sibling’s or family home, or if you need to arrange travel for someone else to reach your abode, September is the best time to sort out tickets and other travel-related arrangements.


It's time to start creating your homemade gifts.

Now would be the best time for you to start working on your homemade gift items. If it's cards, scented soaps, gift baskets, jewellery, or other artsy products, starting now would give you ample time to post them if need be. It would also reduce the overall stress of last-minute gifts in case you needed to add someone to the existing gift list.

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Leverage the sales and start shopping.

Sign up for price alerts around the end of October and throughout November, as this is when most bargains happen. Simultaneously, if you find something online or offline that catches your eye, now would be the right time to start shopping and collecting the items before packing.

Reserve the slots and check the dates.

If you need to send gifts internationally, check the final post date for surface mail, which might be as early as the beginning of October in some areas of the world.

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Additionally, if you typically buy groceries online, try to reserve a delivery slot with your preferred supermarket right now. For example, a few supermarkets often allow you to arrange a delivery window up to three months in advance. These delivery slots fill up rapidly, so if you would like a delivery on Christmas Eve, be sure to visit their website around October 23rd or 24th. Also, be sure to finalise and book your reservations for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years’ Eve, and New Years' Day.

Plan your December calendar now.

December is a busy month. With events for adults and kids happening all over the country and the world, it is best to start planning your month in advance. Dates to visit the Christmas markets, visit Santa’s grotto, concerts, light shows, and Winter wonderland fairs. Choose the best ones and book your calendars.


With most gifts and shopping almost complete by this month, November would be the time to start planning and decking up your own space for the holidays.

Make the most of the seasonal sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales would be the perfect times for you to try to complete most of your shopping. Make the most of the discounts and deals. You might also find some fantastic products on the cheap.

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Mail your Christmas gifts and cards.

Now is also an excellent time to mail gifts and cards, particularly if you're sending gifts abroad. Since, it is preferable for the intended recipient to receive the gifts early rather than after Christmas, which might be a bit underwhelming.

Deck your home and finalise the baking for Christmas.

November is a wonderful time to start preparing your home for Christmas. Depending on your excitement level for the holidays, you can decide whether you’d like to decorate your home early in November or in the final week of the month.

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Clean your house and, concurrently, assign tasks to your family members. Get the little ones to decorate the tree (if you’re using the fake tree) while the rest try some recipes for the holidays and finalise them. Together, work the Christmas magic at home.


Enjoy the Christmas events.

Based on the list you created above, go, visit your planned and a few unplanned Christmas events with your partner or your family. Enjoy the lights outdoors at the festive markets and live every bit of the little fairy tale.

Time for the live decorations and the tree.

A real tree should be bought in the first week of December. There will still be a nice selection available. Although it is close enough to Christmas, the tree will be fresh and not lose all of its needles by the time the holidays end.

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For the same reasons, you should also get fresh greenery at the same time.

Finalise your Christmas menu.

If you're the host for Christmas dinner this year, this is the period to finalise your menu, especially if you need to accommodate those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Additionally, the first or second week of December would be the best time to order your main food items like turkey, ham, chicken, or others for your meal with guests.

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

You did your best. Your travels and meetings are done. The planning has finally come to an end, and everything is running smoothly with your loved ones around. It is now time to unwind, relax, and relish the season of magic and joy.

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Do you have any hacks or suggestions when preparing for Christmas?

Let us know in the comments below!

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