Why Leggings Are A Perfect Addition To Your Child's Shopping Cart

Why Leggings Are A Perfect Addition To Your Child's Shopping Cart

For parents, leggings have been one of the essential fashion pieces for their babies and young kids. From stylish prints to colourful designs, experienced parents would vouch that leggings have been one of the key additions to their outfit of choice in their child’s growing-up years.

Available in unique designs, leggings provide a secure fit for babies and toddlers, and are, most importantly, essential to keep them warm and comfy. But that’s not all. They also have other benefits beyond just being known as a cute pair of leggings.

It encourages movement:

You wouldn’t want your child to feel restricted while he or she explores the world around them. Be it crawling around the house, kicking their legs while playing, or mindlessly stretching themselves post-nap or when they go outside. Leggings are a great addition to your growing child's clothing collection. Unlike denim, cotton trousers, or other non-stretchable bottoms, leggings are comfortable for children. They are stretchable and easy to wear and keep warm to let them comfortably delve into different activities.

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Perfect for kids with special needs:

Like socks, kid’s leggings are tight and great for kids with special needs. Unlike most other children’s leggings, our Roy’s Boys leggings are made from soft combed cotton and a springy backing yarn, making them form-fitting and comfortable to wear for a long period of time. It allows specially-abled kids and babies to comfortably wear it while being seated in their wheelchairs or while resting on their beds. They are also easy to put on. Additionally, their elasticated waist and springy yarn make them comfortable to wear and remove.

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Ideal for hiding stains:

Stains and baby outfits go hand in hand. Kids like to touch, spill, and try different foods, drinks, and games as they grow. From spilling drinks and food to getting mud stains when playing outdoors, parents have had and have seen all kinds of stains on their kids' clothing. Opting for dark-coloured leggings for your little ones is an ideal solution when dealing with a messy baby and for tackling stains when out. Using darker coloured leggings would not only help disguise the visibility of the marks, but due to the colour, it wouldn’t be as prominent if compared to a stain on a lighter shade of legging.

It can be used even when your kids outgrow other garments:

One of the many beauties of leggings is that they can be used for a long time. Opting for a size bigger than your kid’s current size not only offers a different fit but can also be used when your kid rapidly outgrows other clothes. Due to their springy material, the leggings expand with the growing baby and fit them tightly while providing a relaxed fit.

Snug fit without the uncomfortable nappy bulge:

Leggings are ideal for easily dressing your infant or toddler since they stretch to fit over a nappy. Providing a good fit over the baby’s nappy is one of the primary advantages of wearing leggings over non-expanding trousers. Which may create unnecessary restrictions, bulges, and folds in their trousers. Moreover, when we think about the number of times the little one may need to be changed, easy and stretchable leggings are easy to put on and remove.

Leggings are unisex, making them wonderful for both girls and boys:

Widely used as a unisex pair, leggings can be worn by both girls and boys. Its unique designs and comfortable fit make it a perfect addition to be paired with kids’ T-shirts, tunic tops, or onesies. When kids don’t define gender at a younger age, why should we? Our Roy’s Boys baby and toddler leggings are not only available in gender-neutral colours and prints but they are also designed as unisex wear.

Leggings are quite multifunctional and simple to wear—whether paired with a sweater or T-shirt, under a skirt, dress or top. They may be a lovely and functional way to enhance an outfit and keep young legs toasty on chilly days.

They are a must-have item in our young explorers' garment collection, and, therefore, they must be a part of every baby or toddler’s shopping cart. You may choose between thick-knit leggings or thinner ones depending on the weather. Just be sure to get a size that securely fits your baby's waistline and thighs without being too restrictive.

Roy's Boys baby and toddler leggings are available in Bluey, Bingo, Hey Duggee, Mr Men, Thomas and friends, Paw Patrol, Baby Shark, and Peppa Pig characters. 
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