World Book Day: History, 2023 Date, and Dress Up Ideas!

World Book Day: History, 2023 Date, and Dress Up Ideas!

Celebrated in over 100 countries around the world, World Book and Copyright Day is an annual celebration of books, literature, and reading. It was introduced by UNESCO, and the day is celebrated annually on the 23rd of April.


The day was first recognised at UNESCO’s 28th General Conference, held in Paris in 1995. It was chosen as a symbolic date because it is the death anniversary of several well-known authors, like William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, respectively. This date, therefore, was a plausible choice to honour literature, books, and authors while also promoting the accessibility of books.

Around the world, events are held to commemorate the importance of books as a link between the past, present, and future—a bridge between generations and a link between history and cultures. On this occasion, UNESCO and its associate global organisations represent publishers, retailers, and libraries—the three main pillars of the book business.

When is World Book Day in the UK and Ireland?

In the UK and Ireland, World Book Day is led by the charity with the same name. It was created with the mission of bringing children from all walks of life together to engage in and celebrate reading.

Although World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated annually in April, the UK and Ireland commemorate the day on the first Thursday in March.

If you’re wondering why the same day is celebrated on a different date in the UK and Ireland, you are not alone. As per some articles, the new date was introduced to avoid clashes with England’s patron saint, St. George’s Day, and the Easter break in April. Ever since, it has always been held on the first Thursday in March. This year, World Book Day falls on 2nd March 2023, which means it is just a week away!

Over the years, the charity has introduced £1/€1.50 tokens through schools, magazines, nurseries, and other partners towards the cause. The tokens allow children and young adults to get the books for free from a bookseller nearest to them. Every year, millions of tokens are distributed before Book Day!

As per WorldBookDay's official website, the book tokens are valid from Thursday, 16 February to Sunday, 26 March 2023. 

Book Day costume ideas.

If you haven’t yet decided what you or your little one is going to dress up as on World Book Day, we've got you! Below are a few fancy dress ideas from our Roald Dahl collection for next week that are easy and quirky as last-minute dress up costumes.


Items you will need: A red bow hairband, a blue dress, black shoes, and Roy's Boys Matilda socks.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Look 1 Charlie Bucket: Plain t-shirt, dark trousers and sneakers with a yellow open shirt. 

Look 2 Willy Wonka: Beige trousers, short vest, purple overcoat, golden bowtie, black hat with black boots.

Complete both looks by pairing them with our Roy's Boys children's Charlie and the chocolate factory socks.

Mr. and Mrs. Twits

Look 1 Mr. Twit: Purple or blue suit, basket, shoes, cotton for fake beard (for kids). Lastly, complete your look with our Roy's Boys Mr Twit socks for men. 

Look 2 Mrs. Twit: Green dress, sandals, walking stick with our Roy's Boys Mrs. Twit socks for women.

Make sure to use your creativity to make the outfit as messy and dirty as possible to replicate the Twits. 

You can also check out other socks from the collection for characters like Fantastic Mr Fox as well as James and the giant peach

Happy reading!

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