Wrapping up warm for winter | Roy’s Boys Edition

Wrapping up warm for winter | Roy’s Boys Edition

We’re heading into the bitter chill of winter, with those long summer days now well behind us its time to make sure our wardrobes are stocked with everything we need to keep warm both in and out of the house!

Luckily, here at Roy’s Boys we have a range of amazing products to do just that! So, let’s take a look at everything we have to offer for you and little one to wrap up warm this winter!



For more of our pyjamas range you can view them all here.


Slipper Socks

You can view the rest of our slipper sock range here.


Dressing Gowns



Hats & Gloves

You can view the rest of our Gloves & Hats range here.


Wellies & Welly Socks



Cosy Socks



Of course, that time of year is here yet again. So we just couldn’t resist mentioning our Christmas themed collections for you to have a look at!




You can view the rest of our collection here.




These are our collections we think are perfect for keeping warm this winter! But be sure to have a look at the other amazing products on our page, and if nothing takes your fancy, keep an eye out as we’re always releasing new things!

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