1000 trees planted with Ecologi!

1000 trees planted with Ecologi!

We've planted 1000 trees with Ecologi!

Roy's Boys have been busier than squirrels in a nut factory, planting 1000 trees with Ecologi! For every purchase over £30, they not only fill your wardrobes with style but also Mother Nature's pockets with greenery. Cheers to fashion with a leafy conscience! 🌳👕 

Step outside your home and we guarantee you won’t be far from a tree; well, unless you're in the middle of the desert, that is! From majestic oaks to graceful willows, our world is adorned with a delightful variety of these green giants.

But let's not just admire their beauty; trees are unsung heroes, quietly working to keep our planet ticking. Here's a little ode to these leafy wonders and all the good they do..

Environmental Champions 🌱

Trees are the ultimate eco-warriors. They eat up carbon dioxide like it's their favourite snack, locking it away and giving us precious oxygen in return. Plus, they're like nature's air conditioner, cooling things down and keeping those pesky winds in check. In fact, they can turn down the heat in a bustling city by a cool 7°C! And let's not forget their knack for soaking up excess rainwater, helping to stave off floods and erosion.

Wildlife Havens 🦋

Ever notice how trees are always buzzing with life? Birds chirping, squirrels scampering - they're like bustling metropolises for critters. But it's not just a place to crash; trees offer up tasty treats in the form of fruits and nuts, keeping our furry and feathered friends well-fed.

Health Gurus 🍃

Take a deep breath of that fresh, tree-filtered air - it's nature's own detox. Trees work overtime to trap nasty pollutants and provide a shady spot to shield us from the sun's harsh rays. And here's a fun fact: spending time among the trees can work wonders for your mood, kicking the blues to the curb.

Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow ☀️

At Ecologi, they believe trees are a little bit magic. Forest restoration and reforestation are well-known climate solutions because of trees’ ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their biomass. This carbon absorption ability is entirely natural, and far exceeds the efficiency of any man made carbon removal tech that currently exists. 

It's clear as day: trees are the glue holding our world together. So, as we continue to lose forests to deforestation, it's time to roll up our sleeves and get planting. By adding more trees to our landscapes, we can help turn the tide, breathing life back into damaged ecosystems and fighting climate change, one sapling at a time. Click here to view our Ecologi report! 🌿🌲

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