Flipping Fun: 5 Pancake Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Flipping Fun: 5 Pancake Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Welcome, mums, dads, and pancake enthusiasts alike!

Are you ready to enter the world of flipping fun with some scrumptious pancake recipes?

Pancakes are a family favourite, and for good reason. Not only are they quick and easy to whip up, but they're also a fantastic blank canvas for a variety of delicious toppings and mix-ins.

Whether your little ones love berries, bananas, or even a cheeky bit of chocolate, there's a pancake combination that's guaranteed to get them running to the breakfast table. So, grab your spatula and let's dive into 5 pancake recipes your kids will flip for!

All the pancake recipes start with a basic formula, with added flair and fun! Below, you'll find the foundational recipe that can be used in all of them.


  • 110g plain flour
  • Salt (just a pinch)
  • Sugar (just a pinch)
  • 2 eggs (use 1 whole egg and one yolk)
  • 284ml milk (1/2 a pint)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil (or butter)


  1. Sift the plain flour into a mixing bowl, add a pinch each of salt and sugar, then create a small well in the centre.
  2. Crack an egg into the well and add the yolk from the second egg.
  3. Pour in a bit of milk and stir gently.
  4. Gradually add the remaining milk, stirring or whisking until the mixture is smooth.
  5. Next, add the oil or butter and beat for about a minute.
  6. Set the batter aside to rest.
  7. When you're ready to cook the pancakes, heat a bit of oil or butter in a frying pan. Once hot, ladle in about three tablespoons of the batter.
  8. Let it cook for about a minute until the mixture firms up, then flip to cook the other side.
  9. Serve with your preferred toppings (see suggestions below!).

Without further ado, let's dive into the exciting part of this blog post - the five delightful pancake recipes your kids are sure to love!

1. Rainbow Pancakes

Who says pancakes can't be colourful? Add a fun twist this year by incorporating food colouring into your batter. Once your batter is prepared, divide it into separate bowls and add your desired food colouring into each bowl. Be as vibrant and bold as you like! Then, cook your pancakes and stack them to create a feast for the eyes and stomach. Don't forget to add your favourite toppings!


Rainbow Pancakes

2. Mini Pancake Stacks

Mini pancake stacks offer a delightful and entertaining way to enjoy pancakes. You can create bite-sized pancakes by using a mini pancake pan or by pouring small circles of batter into a regular pan. Stack the mini pancakes on skewers, alternating with fruit slices such as strawberries, bananas, or blueberries. Accompany them with yogurt or a small bowl of maple syrup for dipping. These mini pancake stacks, perfect for little hands, are sure to bring a smile to your kids' faces.


3. Banana Pancakes

As parents, we seize every opportunity to incorporate healthy snacks into our children's diets. Pancakes offer a great way to do this. Simply mix mashed ripe bananas into the pancake batter. Top with your preferred toppings, and they're ready to serve!


Banana Pancakes

4. Chocolate Chip Pancakes

In this recipe, add chocolate chips to the batter. The blend of fluffy pancakes and melting chocolate will delight children of all ages. Cook the pancakes until the chocolate chips begin to melt, forming pockets of gooey delight. Top them with a splash of maple syrup or a spoonful of whipped cream for an added fun and flavour.


5. Peanut Butter Pancakes

For a nutty twist on traditional pancakes, add peanut butter to the batter. The creamy texture and rich flavour of peanut butter complement the fluffy pancakes perfectly. Cook the pancakes as usual and serve them with sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup. Your kids will love the combination of flavours and this one could be a favourite for the whole family.


Peanut Butter Pancakes

We hope you enjoy one or all of these pancake recipes this year. Let us know your favourites!

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