25 Recipes To Try For Your Next Big Get-together!

25 Recipes To Try For Your Next Big Get-together!

Good food and conversations, bring people together. This holiday season, when it’s time for parties, get-togethers, and family dinners, here are a few recipes you could try for your next big meal. From appetisers and traditional recipes to easy dishes, drinks, and desserts, find your new go-to recipe below.

Yummy Appetisers To Get The Party Started

1. Classic pigs in blankets by Miriam Nice

Photo credits: Wales Online

2. Festive filled brioche centrepiece with baked camembert by Kimberley Wilson

Photo credits: www.chainbaker.com

3. Baked veggie samosas

4. Ham & Cheese Pinwheels by Lauren Miyashiro

Photo credits: Joel Goldberg

5. Chinese Pork Dumplings With Soy Dipping Sauce

Party-favourite Drinks That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

1. Harvest Punch by Lindsay Fundston

Photo credits: Parker Feierbach

2. Jingle Juice by Lena Abraham

Photo credits: Emily HLavac Green

3. Buck's Fizz by Colleen Graham

Photo credits: The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

4. Prosecco Mint Julep by Lena Abraham

Photo credits: Erik Bernstein

5. Classic Mulled Wine

Photo credits: George Dolgikh

Traditional Recipes For The Win

 1. Perfect Roast Turkey by Raymond Blanc

2. Porchetta With Bacon and Brioche by Dominic Smith

3. Chestnut & Shallot Tatins With Mushroom & Madeira Sauce

4. Christmas Duck With Spiced Cherry And Bourbon Sauce by Colin Fassnidge

5. Roasted Baby Pumpkins With Chestnut, Cherry & Dolcelatte Stuffing

Additional Dinner Ideas For New Cooks And Hosts

1. Easy Pesto Salmon by Sonja Overhiser

2. Tomato-Butter Roast Chicken by Makinze Gore

Photo credits: Lucy Schaeffer

3. Cranberry Orange Bread by Sonja Overhiser

4. Grilled Cauliflower With Winter Pesto

5. Nut Roast Loaf

Photo credits: BBC

Desserts To End The Day On A Sweet Note

1. Bourbon Balls by Taylor Ann Spencer

Photo credits: Andrew Bui

2. Mini Christmas Pud Muffins

3. Magnificent Marshmallows

4. Epic Chocolate Trifle

5. Sweet Filo Triangles With Cardamom, Clementine And Pistachios

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