Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Children - Roy's Boys' Edition

Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Children - Roy's Boys' Edition

Gifting is not easy. It is especially difficult to find a last-minute gift for little humans, who literally have everything. Whether you are looking to give something special to your child or need a unique gift for your friend’s or sibling’s children, we hope your search ends here.

Christmas, birthdays, or whatever the special occasion might be, here’s a list featuring most children's AM to PM schedules with gift ideas that you can get from Roy’s Boys.

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Hat and Gloves

“Baby, It’s cold outside” whether you like the song or not, the temperature outside is freezing. What better present to gift your little character-loving fan than some matching hats and gloves? Choose from Peppa Pig, Bluey or Hey Duggee or why not get them all? Pair them with their uniform or with their festive outfit as they dress up warm and leave their house early in the morning. Our hats and gloves make the perfect winter essential.

Check out our children’s hats and gloves collection here.

Christmas Jumpers

Christmas is incomplete without Christmas jumpers. Our new co-ordinating Bluey and Hey Duggee Xmas jumpers have quickly become a firm favourite among Bluey and Duggee fans and parents alike.

We're confident that your recipient will absolutely love their new knitted matching Christmas jumpers.

Check out our matching Christmas jumpers collection here.

Children’s Character Socks

Who doesn’t like to carry their favourite character with them to school or the outdoors? We have a variety of character socks for children, from Bluey, Hey Duggee, and Baby Shark, to Blippi, Thomas, Among Us, and others.

Stylish, confident, and most importantly comfortable, off they go to school.

Additionally, our 4 pairs of children’s socks for just £10 is a steal deal. So, what are you waiting for? You can never really go wrong with socks.

Check out our socks collection here


Character Leggings

The best part about getting back home from school (or an afternoon nap for babies/toddlers) would be the time for some snacks and their visit to the park. What better way to dress up for the park than with a pair of leggings and a jumper?

Our leggings are affordable, functional, soft, and snug. They are made from combed cotton and springy yarn - making them absolutely comfortable to wear. 

Check out our baby and toddler leggings collection here.

Clear Wellies And Welly Socks And Other Footwear

As adults, we've had our love-hate relationship with wellies. But, if someone were to give me a pair of clear wellies when I was younger, I'd be over the moon. A sought-after gift and a great way for children to see their favourite character on socks as they walk and explore the world outside - come rain or snow.   

Available in eleven UK sizes, our wellies start at size 4 (toddler) and go up to UK size 1 (child). 

Want to add some extra oomph to your gift? Why not add a pair of our colourful, bright, thick, and warm Baby Shark, Hey Duggee, Bluey, or Peppa Pig welly socks? Whatever you buy, we assure you that your little receiver will be overjoyed to see them!

We also have some Hey Duggee canvas and aqua shoes for your little one, if he/she is a fan of the canine scout leader.

To know more, check out our footwear collection here.

Bath-Time Essentials Or Swimwear

Visiting the beach may still seem months away. But they need not wait that long to wear their hooded towels. Our Bluey, Bingo and Hey Duggee poncho towels easily fit kids up to the age of 7, making them a fantastic Christmas or birthday present.

Check out our character swimwear collection here.

Personalised Pyjamas

Gift your little one a personalised PJ set for that special touch. You can choose from over 20 designs and have their names added to the back of their t-shirt. All for no added cost. Our children's personalised character pyjama sets are cosy, and soft and make great nightwear. What is even better is that they get to wear their favourite character to bed with their name on their back. How adorable is that! 

Check out our children's pyjama collection here.

Dressing Gowns and Slipper Socks

The vibrant, warm, and very soft children's robe is ideal for cold mornings and evenings, and it also makes an interesting present. Our Bluey, Bingo, and Hey Duggee dressing gowns are available for youngsters up to the age of six years.

If you'd like to add another item to your cosy gifting list, why not choose from our slipper socks collection? Available in various characters for children of different ages and sizes, the slipper socks are warm and a great addition to your gift box. 

Click to check out our dressing gowns and slipper socks collection.  


As adults, we know that good stories take us to a whole new world of imagination. Likewise, books and reading to your kids have their own benefits. And a little quiet time with some bedtime reading goes a long way.

If reading to your kids is an everyday activity for you and your kids to unwind and relax before you tuck them into bed at night, books will be a wonderful addition to your gift list.

Check out our children’s books collection here.

*Banner image credits: Ivan Samkov 

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