A Parent's Guide to the New Barbie Film: Themes, Lessons, and Talking Points

A Parent's Guide to the New Barbie Film: Themes, Lessons, and Talking Points

We all know who/what Barbie is. Originally debuting in 1959 the hit doll took the world by storm and is still a household name to this day!

Its to no one’s surprise that the global sensation is finally getting its time to shine on the big screen, but what is the film about? Is it suitable for younger audiences? What themes can you expect? These are all good questions which parents are eager to know.

This along with the basics, like the cast, release date, age rating and if you haven’t already seen it, the trailer. So, lets dive right in!

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Age rating

First things first, this film is not aimed towards Children! Although rated a 12A this film is better suited for teenagers and adults due to some of the more ‘suggestive’ themes throughout the film and the brief language warranting its rating.

We recommend watching the trailers and waiting for reviews after the opening weekend if unsure before making the decision to take your kids to watch this film.


The Trailer (a brief breakdown)

The trailer for Barbie shows that the overall premise is Barbie going to the ‘real world’. After some issues in what were calling ‘Barbie world’ and being exiled, She is sent to the 'real world' where Barbie and Ken are shocked at what people are really like.

It then evolves into a part of the plot showing how a corporation finds out about the issue and tries to capture them before the people realise what is happening. All while showing off some the standout cast such as Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, and of course Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

(Photo Credit: The Movie Database)


What can you expect?

The overarching theme of the film is that perfection can only truly be found within, it doesn’t exist, no one and nothing is ever ‘perfect’. Allowing the film to be set like an adventure following Barbie’s journey to discovering this after being exiled for her so called ‘imperfections’.

This shows that when reading between the lines, there is a good lesson for the younger audiences to learn, even if not immediately apparent. allowing for an entertaining watch for both kids and parent alike.


When can you watch it?

Barbie will release on the 21st of July, this weekend! (At the time of writing). So, for those deciding what to do over the weekend, we may have just got you covered!

Being shown across all cinemas, you may still need to decide soon to book the best seats, as it is set to be a box office hit for the opening weekend!


This our quick glimpse into the Barbie film and what you the parent may want to know! So what do you think about the upcoming movie, excited? Disappointed? Let us know your thoughts!

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