Bluey Season 3: The Episodes You Can't Miss!

Bluey Season 3: The Episodes You Can't Miss!

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If you've been sleeping under a rock, Bluey is a beloved Children's television show originating from Australia. Capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide, the show centres around the down-to-earth adventures of a lovable Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family and friends! 


Season 3 of Bluey premiered in 2021 and introduced another set of amazing, heart-warming episodes! Here are our top 5 picks for the best episodes from Bluey Season 3: (in no particular order)


Pass The Parcel (s.3 ep.14)

In this episode Lucky's Dad is outraged that modern pass the parcel has a present in every layer! After changing the rules back to only having one prize in the middle, unlucky Bingo is forever losing! 

This episode is an amazing rendition of how modern kids are used to winning most if not all of the time and the effects it has on them. This episode teaches the idea that not winning actually teaches you a valuable lesson in life in a gentle and understanding way to further connect with the kids watching the show!


Rain (s.3 ep.18)

As Heavy summer rain thunders over the Heller's home, Bluey is determined to 'dam' the water in the front garden, all the while Mum tries to stop her from always tracking mud into the house!

An episode lacking the normal amount of dialogue, is is calming to watch and highlights its not what we say which makes some moments so special. coupled with amazing visuals this episode highlights the daily stress as a parent, cleaning and cooking while keeping tabs on the little ones, as we see Mum eventually take a step away and just enjoy the time with here kids by the end of the episode.


Onesies (s.3 ep.31)

When Mum's sister Brandy visits, she brings the kids onesies as a present, which has an unexpected effect on Bingo!

This spectacular episode is about Chilli's sister Brandy, and her visit. For kids its a funny episode where bingo goes wild, where as for the grown ups it will leave you in tears. especially if someone you identified with Brandy's Situation. Overall fantastic, touching, and humorous where it is needed.


 Granny Mobile (s.3 ep.33)

Muffin is playing Grouchy granny at a garage sale, making dad push her on an old mobility scooter! But when real Grouchy Granny wants to buy it, Muffin wont budge!

In this episode Muffin is having fun playing here part as a grouchy granny having Dad push her about, when a real grouchy granny, who has been rude to everyone is swindled by Muffin eventually paying a large sum of money for the mobile! What's brilliant is that muffin doesn't fully understand what she is doing and is enjoying having fun playing her character!


Space (s.3 ep.34)

Mackenzie, Jack and Rusty are playing as astronauts on a mission to Mars. During their journey, Mackenzie keeps going missing and no one knows why, not even Mackenzie!

This episode explores a deep topic when reading between the lines and is sure to leave you in tears by the end! Focusing on 3 side characters it brings a refreshing feeling as you get to watch an adventure from a different point of view!

These are our top 5 picks for Season 3 of Bluey! Tell us what you thought and if you have any favourites yourself and why!

If you want to watch Bluey you can stream it on Disney Plus, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store.

Or watch some clips and some episodes on the Bluey - Official Channel on YouTube!

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Cynthia Mercer
Cynthia Mercer

Granny Mobile, Double Babysitter and Fancy Restaurant are my all time Faves!!
Tina, is another howler where Bluey the Awesome, goes wild.

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