Autumn Family Fun: Activities for Parents and Kids

Autumn Family Fun: Activities for Parents and Kids

With the leaves beginning to turn, and the nights starting to draw in earlier, the Autumn months are here! From colder days and beautiful scenery to the spooky Halloween night, Autumn has a little something for almost everyone.

So, we thought we would chime in with some of our favourite family activities for the coming months! So, without further ado let’s begin!


Bonfire and Marshmallows night

As the days begin to get colder, and the trees shed twigs and other dead leaves and pinecones, what better time to light up a bonfire and toast some marshmallows! This makes for simple and memorable family gathering where you can all enjoy some sweet treats, be warmed by a beautiful fire and most importantly share stories and have a good time with the people around you!

It does need to be said but kids should be kept a reasonable distance away from any open flame and always kept an eye on when around the fire. Task one adult whether it is yourself reading this blog or another friend or family member, with keeping the fire under control and having the means to put it out close by.


Leaf Printing

With leaves turning to an array of amazing yellows, reds and oranges, and beginning to fall from the trees leaf printing is an old yet fun activity which is easy and fun for the kids to have a go at!

You start by collecting leaves from the garden or when on a walk, then cover your work area with newspaper as this can get a little messy! Get your paper and your paints ready, then paint one whole side of your leaf with what ever colour you choose. Gently pick the leaf up by the stem, and the place paint side down onto your paper as flat as you can, press the leaf onto the paper and wait a few seconds before carefully removing. There you go your first leaf print!

You can feel free to experiment with different leaves and colours, or maybe even layer your prints! Its completely up to you and your little ones!


Outdoor picnic

We like to associate picnics with the blue sky’s and warm weather of the summer months, but a picnic can be just as enjoyable in the autumn season! Of course with the brisker weather becoming more apparent it is important that you and your little ones wrap up warm for this one!

Autumn picnics are can be stunning with the changing colour of the leaves, slight dullness to the sky creating a sombre atmosphere which although not to everyone’s cup of tea, I believe creates a calming mood which everyone can enjoy.

Speaking of a cup of tea, as it is cooler, bringing flasks with warm drinks is a must! Tea, coffee or hot chocolate, which ever you fancy, it is necessity to help you stay warm and cozy. Other food which is great to bring includes, pies, cake, filling sandwiches alongside the classic picnic items, like sausage rolls, crisps and whatever else you like to bring!


Conker collecting/ playing conkers

A classic game which has spanned generations, parents there is a good chance you have done this activity when you were a little one! So, lets keep the tradition running strong and go conker hunting!

First you will need to find a horse chestnut tree, which are easily identifiable by their large hand shaped leaves, these trees are common in parks, and gardens but you will be hard pressed to find them in a forest. Conkers will usually begin to fall around mid to late September through till the end of October so be on the lookout!

Once your family has gathered their conkers, its time to prep them, the best way to toughen them up is by leaving them completely submerged in vinegar for just 2 minutes, next using a small drill, screwdriver or hammer and nail, make a hole which goes straight through the conker, then thread your string and tie at one end and now your ready to play!

Take turns trying to hit each other’s conker until one breaks, the last conker standing wins!


Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A brilliant family day out, visiting a pumpkin patch is perfect in preparation for the soon to come Halloween! You will be able to take your pick of pumpkins while also having a wonderful family day out

Pumpkin patches today often feature plenty of fun activities for you and your kids, such as having a petting zoo, food and drink stalls, and they might have play areas for kids, on top of going pumpkin hunting! (Make sure to research the pumpkin patch you are looking to attend to see what they have to offer before going!)

This lovely outing will allow you to get all the pumpkins you will need for carving ready for the upcoming spooky night!


DIY Halloween costumes

Sticking with the Halloween time, next ups if your feeling especially creative, why not have a fun and enjoyable day (or two) of creating your little one’s trick or treating costumes! This is an amazing pass time and bonding activity as you get to spend time listening to what your child wants to be on the night, whether they want to be spooky or cute its all up to you both to come up with something you both love!

There are tons of costume ideas you can propose, but the a brilliant list to spark your imagination can be found here at Today’s Parent (


 Arts and crafts

Earlier in the list we covered leaf painting, but if your looking for more arts and crafts for the season then we have you covered, here is a short list of crafts you can do and where you find the step-by-step and materials lists!


We hope your ready for a fun autumn season, and that our list at least gave you some ideas ready for when the days get a bit chillier. If you have any family activities your family likes to do during this time, feel free to let us know down below!

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