Benefits Of Wearing Slipper Socks At Home

Benefits Of Wearing Slipper Socks At Home

After a long day of work, there are very few things more relaxing than slipping into your favourite pair of soft slippers. Over the years, wearing slippers at home has become a part of life, yet not many people feel the need to wear them over regular shoes. If you don't like wearing slippers around the house, you might prefer slipper socks instead. However, unlike slippers or sliders, these versatile slipper socks can be worn all year round and are extremely easy to machine or hand wash when dirty.

When you think about slipper socks, you probably imagine yourself wearing them in the dead of winter with a cosy blanket and a hot cup of hot chocolate. However, apart from being a winter essential, slipper socks also have numerous advantages, making them somewhat of a necessity.

For those of you who don’t know, what are slipper socks exactly?

In terms of footwear, slipper socks are simply thick socks with soles that are designed to be worn indoors. They are usually made from wool, acrylic, polyester, chenille, spandex, and microfiber materials. The socks may also have microfleece, jersey, or sherpa lining, making them very soft, warm, and comfortable to wear.

All of us have hit our little toe against a table or a wall at least once  in our lives. Slipper socks are thick and lined with a soft material, protecting your toes. So, the next time you bump into something, your feet will thank you.

It can help prevent catching a cold and flu

According to several studies, having chilly feet increases your chances of getting a cold or the flu. When your feet are exposed to cold temperatures, your body's response to infections and sickness changes. Cold feet stimulate blood vessels in the body to tighten, reducing heat loss. Overall, this decreases the pace of blood flow, harming white blood cells, which are designed to combat infections. Therefore, it is essential to keep your feet warm, irrespective of the weather outside.

Most slipper socks are made with microfleece, jersey, or sherpa lining, making them very comfortable to wear all year round.

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