Top 10 Easy To Make Spooky Halloween Snack Ideas

Top 10 Easy To Make Spooky Halloween Snack Ideas

Whether you are a Halloween fan or not, who doesn't like some delicious and fancy snacks?

Whether it is your cosy film night or if you are hosting a Halloween gathering at home, these easy-to-make and tasty snack ideas will make you an absolute star among your friends, partner, kids or family. 

1. Savoury breadstick rattlesnake

Photo courtesy: Countryliving

Both fascinating to look at and delicious to eat, we are sure kids and adults will love this flavourful and quick Halloween snack delight!

Follow the recipe here.

 2. Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Photo courtesy: Countryliving

The pumpkin deviled eggs are eerie and add a much-needed Halloween touch to your gathering. The hard-boiled eggs are cut in half, shelled, and filled with a paste made from the yolks of the eggs combined with additional ingredients like mayonnaise, pumpkin, and mustard. 

They are typically served cold as a side dish, an appetiser, or a main course.

Follow the recipe here.

3. Halloween Temari Sushi

Photo courtesy: ChopstickChronicles

These adorable tiny creatures don't make a mess and are pretty simple.

They take a lot less effort and equipment to prepare than traditional sushi.

Follow the recipe here.

4. Witch finger pretzels

Photo courtesy: SimplySalted

The Witch Pretzel Fingers are a must-have for every Halloween party.

This October 31st, turn your basic pretzel rods into spooky (and entertaining) Halloween snacks with only a few simple ingredients.

Follow the recipe here.

5. Yummy mummy poppers 

Photo courtesy: GoodHousekeeping

To prepare these jalapeño mummy poppers for Halloween, cut pieces of puff pastry sheets or crescent roll dough from the refrigerator. Follow it up by wrapping the sheet or the dough around the poppers like mummies.

They make excellent starters. They are easy to make and tasty.

Follow the recipe here.

6. Cheddar cheese crackers

Photo courtesy: GoodHousekeeping

When it comes to snacks, nothing really beats cheddar cheese crackers. This savoury yet delicious Halloween snack is sure to be a hit with your friends and family. 

Follow the recipe here.

7. Mini baked potatoes with sausages

Photo courtesy: GoodHousekeeping

The mini potatoes with sausages are a great snack that's appetising and finger-licking good.

Serve with a little ketchup or any red sauce on top to add a little spooky pretend blood to your snack. 

Follow the recipe here.

8. Pumpkin hummus

Photo courtesy: BBCGoodFood and MinimalistBaker

What is Halloween without a pumpkin? Whether you have finished carving your pumpkin or not, you can use it to make some creamy hummus to go alongside your cheese crackers.  

Follow the recipe here.

9. Eerie spider brownies

Photo courtesy: GimmeSomeOven

If you're looking to end your evening with some memorable dessert, why not try your hand at making these eerie spider brownies?  

Follow the recipe here.

10. Marshmallow ghost pops

Photo courtesy: BBCGoodFood and MommysFabulousFinds

Last but not least, these ghost pops made with marshmallows are terrifyingly cute. They are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. 

Follow the recipe here.

Did you try any of our recommended recipes or have you got another one you'd like to share?

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