Best Dog Dad on Telly?

Best Dog Dad on Telly?

Meet Bandit a.k.a. Dad

The Bluey fever continues. With the show producers announcing Bluey season 3, the kids and adults are equally excited. Divided into two parts, the first part of S3 will be releasing on 10th August 2022.

While our first blog introduced you to Bluey, here is us taking you to meet her woof-derful dad, Bandit.

Photo courtesy: Bluey TV

Bandit is Bluey’s dad and an archaeologist by profession. He loves digging up bones.

He is a blue Heeler dog with a mix of blue, black, and tan fur and a black nose. Bandit loves his daughters and shares a unique relationship with them. Like all daddy-daughter relationships, the girls absolutely adore him.

On most days even though he may be hesitant to play with them, he would still make sure to give his all to the game and the time he spends with his kids.

Photo courtesy: Ludo Studio

As a wise father, Bandit frequently imparts life lessons to his girls and the viewers while they play.

Often in shows or series, where dads are shown to be absent or indifferent to their children, Bandit on the contrary beautifully depicts the part fathers play in being a part of their children’s lives. How one can be gentle, vulnerable, present, and involved.

Photo courtesy: Giphy OfficialBlueyTV

Sometimes tired, most times energetic, Bandit strikes a balance between the tedious housework and the fantastic antics of his girls.

Photo courtesy: Bluey/YouTube

Most of the time, Bandit is presented as a loving husband and father, even though he cracks a few cheesy Dad jokes and occasionally becomes the joke himself.

Photo courtesy: Giphy DisneyJunior

In the show, Bandit is the kind of father we all want to be!

His character is an ideal mix of smart and stupid, humble yet stubborn. But for us, he is a perfect dog dad, to say the least.


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