Prepping for holidays? Do not forget these travel essentials!

Prepping for holidays? Do not forget these travel essentials!

Holidays are a perfect time and a great way to bond and have fun as a family. And the much-awaited time is finally back again!

The schools are shut for summer, children are spending more time at home and parents are busy planning holidays and making a list of entertaining things to do with kids.

We had previously curated a list of fun activities one could look forward to as a Peppa fan. But to be honest, if you are a Peppa fan or not, you can still modify it as per your liking and plan your own to-do list.

For all of us, holidays are all fun and games until it is time to pack! Whether it is your first time travelling with kids or if you are a pro-on-the-go traveller, last-minute planning and packing can be very stressful. We at Roy’s Boys have worked on a travel checklist for your next holiday or a day out.


  • Passport and Visa documents
  • Cash in local currency if travelling abroad
  • Hotel and flight/train/coach booking confirmation email
  • Travel and translation apps
  • Credit cards
  • Travel insurance
  • A notebook with emergency contacts and addresses if your phone battery dies

Health and beauty:

  • Reusable water bottles – preferably one per member
  • Sunscreen
  • Medicines
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face masks
  • Tablets for motion sickness
  • Daily vitamin tablets and/or personal medicines

    Clothing and accessories:

    Essentials for parents travelling with infants or toddlers:

    • Baby carrier or Buggy/Pram
    • A baby bag with mini kits
    • Nappies and wet wipes
    • No-rash nappy cream
    • Changing mat
    • Sterilisers
    • Baby bottles
    • Formula and/or Breast pump
    • Water sippers
    • Pacifiers
    • Bottlebrush
    • Snacks, fruit pouches and baby food
    • Feeding bowl, spoons & kids’ cutlery
    • Bibs
    • Washing up liquid
    • A small bottle of laundry detergent for emergency spills and accidents
    • Baby Monitor
    • Your child’s favourite blanket or toy
    • Children's books

      Electronic items:

      • Phone chargers
      • Power bank
      • Travel adapters
      • Camera and camera charger
      • Multi charging cable to help you charge multiple devices while on-the-go


      While we understand packing could be hectic, we also know that holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect as a family, take a break from work and just unwind.

      Roy’s Boys wishes you a happy and relaxing holiday with your loved ones. Happy vacation!

      To download this printable checklist, click here.


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