Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Christmas is almost here, and most of us have already started shopping for our near and dear ones for the most wonderful time of the year. While a few of us know exactly what we need to get our folks for the special day, some of us are still quite unsure of what to pick.

In our previous blogs, we covered some gift ideas for dads and for women. This blog is an endeavour to help you with some gifting options for grandparents.

Whether you are a last-minute shopper or a pre-planner, here’s a list of the top 10 gift ideas for grandparents and/or older adults.

1. Rocking Chair

Who doesn’t love a comfortable chair at home to relax and unwind? If you are looking to gift your parents furniture that they’d instantly love, your rocking chair is a humble favourite across all ages.

Photo credit: Vlada Karpovich

While Next and Ikea both have some stunning designs starting at £39, you could pick your favourite based on your budget.

2. Roberts Pillow Talk

In essence, the Pillow Talk is a speaker on a cable that you place beneath your pillow. You can listen to the radio without disturbing your partner. It is not too loud, compact, and very convenient.

Even better, try learning a new language or finishing your favourite audiobook before bed. You can get your hands on them at John Lewis.

3. Roy's Boys Matching Family Christmas Jumpers

Yes, you read that right. We have just launched matching Christmas jumpers to our Hey Duggee and Bluey collection. Our newly launched knitted matching Christmas jumpers are perfect as gifts for grandparents. 

What better way to make your kids and their grandparents happy by being all matchy-matchy for Christmas? 

4. Digital Photo Frame

Want to get your parents to experience the joys and milestones of your little ones? Then why not gift them a digital frame this Christmas? Give the traditional printed photos a miss and set up the digital photo frame for Grandma and Grandpa if you're tempted to send them images of the kids but they're not as tech-savvy with email and texting.

Photo credit: Kindel Media

You may immediately transfer new photographs to the frame after you've set it up for them! We are sure they'll value being informed and being a part of their grandchildren and their unusual antics, no matter the distance.

5. Matching Socks and Slipper Socks

With socks, you really can't go wrong, can you? We have a variety of socks at Roy's Boys that are made to suit your preferences and wants. If grandparents like characters, we offer a large selection of character socks to meet their demands. If they’re looking for something cosy, we have some cosy socks to their liking. 

Our slipper socks also make a perfect addition to the matching family socks collection. They are warm and very comfortable to wear.

Shop the complete line of adult socks from Roy's Boys here.

6. Jewellery for Grandma

Fancy something personal and expensive? You may select from a variety of jewellery gifts and gift baskets to pamper grandma for Christmas or her special day. Get her something shiny, like pearl, silver, or gold earrings or a necklace. Or choose from diamonds or other expensive stones to celebrate the good she does and has done for you.

Photo credit: Not on the high street 

However, not all jewellery items need to break the bank; some personalised pieces are beautiful and hold emotional value when customised. This foldable locket is a simple yet elegant gift option for your dearest grandma.

7. Tool Set for Grandpa

For the garden-loving grandpa, this collapsible stool and tool bag set is the perfect way to appreciate his love for all things gardening. This bag is lightweight and convenient to carry, and it provides a great spot to sit while working. The bag is sturdy and strong enough to fit all the required equipment and supplies in the detachable bag's roomy side sections, where they will always be available when needed.

Photo credits: All things Brighton Beautiful 

Additionally, if your big man is the host at all barbeque evenings, we have a special recommendation for him. This chic canvas barbeque tool set includes a canvas bag in addition to the tools. The four-piece set comes with a specially designed case with easy-grip tongs, a basting brush, a two-pronged fork, and a flipper. The barbeque tool set is very durable since it is composed of the finest ash wood and stainless steel.

8. Oakwood Glasses Stand

Looking for a wonderful present, particularly for grandpas and grandmas who frequently lose their sunglasses or glasses? Look no further, this is a wonderful and quirky personalised present for them with the option to add your own sweet or humorous message.

Photo credit: MijMoj Designs

A wonderful Christmas, birthday, or retirement present for your grandparents. These oak wood glasses stand make for a perfect gift that could be safely stored on their nightstand or desk at work.

9. Gift Vouchers

Finding it hard to find something for grandparents who have everything? The best bet here would be to gift them a gift card that allows them to shop for whatever they like. It could involve purchasing apparel, accessories, footwear, and groceries. Or even buying products that support their passions, such as baking or gardening supplies, painting supplies, travel accessories, etc.

Highstreetvouchers gift cards allow one to purchase from more than 50 of their favourite high-street brands, so they have a good selection of choices if you can't decide which brand gift card to offer.

10. Personalised Gifts

Do your parents appreciate personalised items over expensive stuff? If that is the case, then why not pick one of the many personalised gift products available on Etsy? Offering a wide range of choices, including personalised photos, apparel, and accessories with their names or faces on them. The gift options are reasonably priced and quite attractive to give as gifts.

Photo credit: Marcus Aurelius

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