Halloween Kids Party | How to Make it Thrilling for Everyone

Halloween Kids Party | How to Make it Thrilling for Everyone

Are you looking to make Halloween a bit more thrilling this year? Wanting to step away from trick-or-treating with the kids and instead throw a spooktacular party suited for everyone? Well look no further!

This plan will cover Halloween decoration ideas, Halloween party games, Halloween music, kids Halloween movies as well as food and drink. All of this to make that one spooky night extra special.


Halloween Party Games

Apple Bobbing

Starting with a game you parents are likely to have seen before. Apple bobbing is a classic game played during Halloween.

Fill a large tub/container with water and add in apples which float as they are less dense than water. The aim of the game is to see who can grab a number of apples the quickest. You are not allowed to use your arms to help you in any way!


Halloween Who Am I?

An amazing regular party game which can be turned into a brilliant Halloween themed game!

Who Am I? Involves one player being the guesser, the other players come up with a Halloween themed character, movie, monster or whatever you like. They write the chosen thing onto a post-it note and it is then stuck onto the guessers forehead without them knowing what it is.

The guesser then needs to try and figure out what it is by only asking yes or no question to the rest of the players!

Pumpkin Bowling

Grab yourself a small pumpkin (as circular as possible) and 6 Gourds as pins.

mark each gourd with a  number and set them up with a small straight an get bowling!


(Image courtesy: Housewife Eclectic

Halloween Music

For music there are plenty of Kid friendly choices from ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’ by Andrew gold and ‘Ghostbusters’ by Ray Parker Jr.

But don’t forget some classic Halloween picks which although not aimed at kids, are still kid friendly! Songs like ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ by Rockwell and ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson are staples which are a must play at any Halloween party!



Bored of usual carved pumpkin? Well over at Martha Stewart they have an amazing list of Halloween decorations you can try for your home!

From Googly-eyed plants to Wriggling Snake Wreaths, there is plenty to get you feeling creative this spooky season! 



Depending on how old your kids are, you must be careful what movies are on the tv during the party, as some kids will chose to sit and watch a film instead of run around and play. Making sure these films aren’t too frightening will make bedtime a lot easier!

So here are some good Halloween films for different age groups

4 and up:

  • Monsters, Inc
  • Hotel Transylvania 1, 2, 3 and 4

7 and up:

  • Toy Story of Terror
  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit


PG/10 and up (at your own discretion, we do not recommend for younger children):

  • ParaNorman
  • Coraline (this is scarier than others)
  • Monster House

Some may find these movies scarier than others, so we recommend making sure kids are supervised when watching any of the mentioned films! Horror isn’t for everyone.


Food & Drink

Food and drink at a party can often be unhealthy and full of sugar, not a great combination for already hyperactive kids.

Eats Amazing has a brilliant page on Healthy Halloween snacks which shows how you can turn simple healthy food, into Halloween-themed fun treats you kids are sure to love!

From cheese monsters to Spooky Sandwiches there are plenty of alternatives to sweets and chocolate (but its good to have some of that to)!


This has been our little Halloween party guide for the family, we hope you have new ideas to make your spooky night, just that little more frightening!

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