Holidaying Like Peppa Pig!

Holidaying Like Peppa Pig!

We all know how much Peppa and George love jumping up and down the muddy puddles… Well, with sunny days around us, we may or may not be able to promise muddy puddles, but we can hope for some fun and quality time with your kids.

The holidays are upon us, and we are sure you must be wondering what Peppa Pig activities you could do or places you could visit with kids? Look no further! Roy’s Boys has curated a list of fun things to do with our young Peppa fans. 

Unleash your inner Peppa Pig outdoors:


(Photo courtesy: Paultons Park)

  • Visit the nature reserve or forest for some muddy puddles
  • Spend a day at the children’s farm and be a strawberry farmer or see the animals!
(Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva)

  • Visit the garden and learn about the beautiful blooming flowers
(Photo by Jill Wellington)

  • Build a sandcastle with your kids by the beach
(Photo courtesy: Vizelgold)

  • Go swimming by the pool or the beach in your Peppa Pig swimsuit 
(Shop Roy's Boys Peppa Pig Girls swimsuit here)

  • Grab your favourite ice-cream by the canal or riverside
(Image courtesy: Peppa Pig YouTube)

  • Try rockpooling or try your hands at crazy golf

(Photo by Caleb Oquendo)

  (Photo courtesy: The Cartoon Museum)


    Plan your indoor Peppa Pig escapades:


    • Bake some goodies with Mummy

    (Image courtesy: Peppa Pig YouTube)

    • Have a pretend day at home and be your favourite Peppa character for the day with your Peppa Pig family socks

    (Shop Roy's Boys Peppa Pig Family socks here)

    • Plan a football date with Daddy

    (Image courtesy: Peppa Pig YouTube)

    • Get creative and have a special family painting day

     (Image courtesy: Peppa Pig YouTube)

    • Plant a few saplings and learn about them

    (Photo courtesy: Antoni Shkraba)

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