10 Lesser-Known Facts About Baby Shark!

10 Lesser-Known Facts About Baby Shark!

Well, no one’s blaming you if the song’s playing in your head right now. As one of the most popular children’s songs ever, we’ve curated a list of 10 lesser-known facts about Baby Shark!


1. Who wrote Baby Shark?

It is believed that ‘Camp counsellors potentially created Baby Shark’ during a summer camp as a chant and campfire song. And, since nobody really knows how the song originated, nobody knows the person or persons involved in creating this masterpiece. But, thanks to those camp counsellors we have a fun and entertaining song that children adore.


2. When was Baby Shark released?

Germans got a sneak peek of the "Baby Shark" frenzy back in 2007, when 'Kleiner Hai' was sung and posted online by Alexandra Müller. Interestingly, another kids-friendly Baby Shark video was also recorded and uploaded to YouTube by musician Johnny Only in 2011, 5 years before South Korea-based educational content producer Pinkfong released the song’s most viewed version in 2016.

3. Ten Billion Views and counting!

On 13th January 2022, Pinkfong tweeted about making history. The Baby Shark dance video became the first video in history to mark the 10 billion views milestone on YouTube. Making it one of the most viewed, popular and consumed videos globally. Not only that, but it also was a part of the infamous Billboard Hot 100 list in 2019.

Twitter: @Pinkfong

4. Was Baby Shark initially scary?

The 2007 music video performed by German artist, Alexandra Müller is Jaws-themed and is about a baby shark who ate a swimmer when he grew up. Published by Record label EMI in 2008, this single reached #25 on German charts and #21 on Austrian charts.

It is still popular with German youth groups. The wild version of the song is available on YouTube, but we’d suggest not showing it to kids as it would be a contrasting version of what they’ve seen.

5. Why is Baby Shark so popular?

Well, it is scientifically proven to be catchy! According to Beatriz Ilari, an associate professor at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music and children’s music expert, the song’s simple melody makes it easy to remember and sing. Another reason the song is so popular is because of the limited words and characters in the song. Making it easier for children across ages to understand. According to an article on DailyBeast, Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientific consultant stated that children and adults who moved to upbeat music have increased dopamine levels, making listeners feel happy.

Giphy/Ministry Of Sound

6. Baby Shark Live Shows

The song is so extensively popular that there are various live tours and shows for fans around the world. The shows have fans of all ages dancing in the aisles as they join Baby Shark and companions for thrilling adventures into the underwater world thanks to its unique immersive experience.

More details about the show: here.

7. CPR to Baby Shark beats could save lives!

110 beats per minute, or the first verse of "Baby Shark," is the perfect pace for CPR. The well-known children's song is a fantastic approach for both children and adults to learn CPR because it has the ideal tempo and rhythm. Who knew a simple song could save lives?

Learn and teach your kids how to do a CPR with Baby Shark

8. Holiday Versions and Entertaining Series!

Due to Baby Shark's enormous success, a number of businesses started to take advantage of the craze. From Halloween Baby Shark to Santa Shark, the song also has different holiday versions. The recent ones are for Valentine’s Day and Children’s Day. Furthermore, the song is now a series too! Baby Shark episodes are available to watch on Netflix and YouTube.

9. Baby Shark Toys, Outfits and More…

From toys, books, clothing, footwear, and themed parties, Baby Shark has a lot to offer to kids. As an official character licensed seller, Roy’s Boys has a collection of Baby Shark products for kids and adults. You could shop for Baby Shark family socks, family pyjama sets and gifting cards.

Check out our Baby Shark collection, here.

10. Baby Shark Has Over 100 Different Versions

You have probably heard numerous renditions of the popular song if you have a young child. Super Simple Songs, CocoMelon, Chu Chu TV, Little Baby Bum, and others have produced their own rendition. In addition to translating their catchy song into popular languages like Spanish, English, Japanese and others, Pinkfong also did the same for eleven other languages. We can easily say the song has over 100 different versions in numerous languages globally.

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