Therapeutic Colouring Activity For Adults and Kids

Therapeutic Colouring Activity For Adults and Kids

Colouring is therapeutic.

When it comes to stress relief, the simple act of colouring may go a long way. It is an excellent activity if you are seeking a technique to relieve tension or find some "me time". It has the capacity to relax your brain's fear region, the amygdala. 

Numerous studies and psychologists, notably Carl Jung, have proved that colouring can be greatly beneficial and may be used to relieve stress.

It creates the same mood as meditation by calming the restless mind. This promotes awareness and tranquillity, allowing your mind to relax after a hard day at work.

This week we bring to you a colouring activity that could be tried by both kids and adults. So, relax, colour and create the most amazing flower patterns. 

Download your free printable sheet here

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