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    Read about what a Roy's Boys Branded product is.

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  • Our Planet Promise

    Read about our Planet Promise, the plan and current process.

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Roy's Boys Branded

Roy’s Boys branded products are those created by us, for us.

This means that we have input on every detail, from the materials used to the processes each product undergoes before we offer them to you.

The goal of all Roy’s Boys branded products is to minimally impact the environment while still using high-quality, durable materials that can be worn over and over.

  • Roy's Boys Character

  • Roy's Boys Signature

  • RB Active

Our Character/Novelty Ranges for Kids and Adults

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Our signature range of cashmere and dress socks

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Our Sports Range of Socks - COMING SOON!

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Planet Promise

We are committed to creating a more sustainable future for our customers and the planet, and our planet promise hopefully showcases our dedication to this goal.

Our planet promise currently compromises of 5 areas;


We split packaging into two main areas:

  • Customer packaging - the packaging that gets sent out to you.
  • Warehouse packaging - the packaging that we store all of the products in when they are stored in the warehouse.

We keep track of these two areas using a stage system that we have set out (read more about this here).

Both of these areas have there own stages set out and we hope to continue to process through the stages as we continue to improve our environmental impact.

Read more about our packaging journey and what stage we are at here.

Products - Materials

The products - materials area contains our environmental stages of the specific materials we are using to make our products, for example Organic cotton in our socks.

Every product we make is going through its own environmental journey, so is at a different stage according to this.

You can find out what stage any product is at on the product pages themselves, or if you want to read more in detaill about this area you can do so here.

Products - Quality

This section contains all the testing our products go through.

In order to ensure best practice and quality, we conduct various tests on our products at a third-party test house.

Some of the tests we conduct apply to everything we supply, while other tests apply only to particular products.

A list of our mandatory tests below:

  • Durability - Abrasion
  • Colour Fastness - Wash, Water and Rubbing
  • Pilling
  • Dimensional Stability - To ensure our clothes don’t shrink
  • Appearance after wash - To replicate what our products go through once purchased
  • Print Durability (For printed products only)

Testing is reviewed product by product so we can ensure the appropriate tests are requested of the test house in the first instance to help avoid delays.

Read more about this area here.


The process area of our Planet Promise contains a mix of processes that are needed when manufacturing products, but also areas like energy usage and water usage.

We have again created a stage system that we aim to progress through as we continue to improve our practices.

Read more about this area here.


The final area of our Planet Process is People. Without people there would be no products so we need to ensure that everyone is well looked after.

We ensure this in a number of ways, such as;

  • Close relationships with all the factories we use.
  • Factories agree to our Roy's Boys Ethical Policy before working with us.
  • All factories are audited according to the ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative) base code.

This is just a few of the ways we are currently ensuring all the people throughout the product journey are well looked after.

Read more in detail about this area here.

Read more in depth about our planet promise.

Planet Promise

High Quality Products and Materials

We ensure that we not only use the highest quality materials but also that the factories we use are experts in what they do so that all products are the very best they can be.

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Ethically Made

With our products being made in a handful factories all-over the world, we need to ensure that the people that make the items, are looked after. To do this we ensure we only work with factories that share our values.

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