Woof! Woooof! Let us meet the characters and cast of Hey Duggee.

Woof! Woooof! Let us meet the characters and cast of Hey Duggee.

If you have children around you, there is no way you can miss the Hey Duggee show. Whether you have watched it or not, you have heard about it at some point in your life.

Who created Hey Duggee?

Produced by Studio AKA in collaboration with BBC Studios, the show is created by Grant Orchard.

The popular UK-based animated series is built around a friendly dog, Duggee. He runs The Squirrel Club – an activity club for kids. In each episode, the kids participate in different activities, go on adventures, and receive badges for their achievements.

Meet the main characters and the Hey Duggee cast.

Who narrates Hey Duggee?

Alexander Armstrong is a British actor, comedian, and TV host. Hey Duggee features Alexander Armstrong as the narrator.

(Photo credit: IMDB)

Who is Duggee?

Duggee is a lovable big brown dog. He acts as the Squirrels Club leader and oversees planning all their activities at the club. He mainly speaks in woofs which is understood by all the squirrels. Known as a helpful and caring dog, Duggee is an effortless organiser, brilliant friend, and a wonderful host.

Who voices Hey Duggee?

The character is voiced by actor and assistant director Sander Jones.

Who is Betty?

A purple octopus, Betty is one of the brightest members of the Squirrels Club. She loves talking and always has something to say. A science fanatic, she is disciplined and likes keeping things around her in order.

In the show, Betty is voiced by actress Jasmine Bartholomew.

Who is Happy?

Just like his name, Happy is a happy crocodile who is very curious by nature. He is clever, cheerful, and obsessed with water. A chatterbox, Happy is the heart and soul of the club.

The character is voiced by actor Duke Davis.

Who is Norrie?

Norrie is a kind-hearted, joyous mouse who likes animals. She enjoys dancing, playing, and having a good time. As one of the most practical squirrels, you can regularly spot her wearing the pink club uniform. Norrie is also curious, lively, and very active.

In the show, Norrie is voiced by the 17-year-old actress Poppie Boyes.

(Photo credit: poppie_boyes)

Who is Roly?

Roly is a little hippopotamus with a loud voice. He enjoys making noise and shouting, yet he is also capable of being kind and calm. In the show, Roly is a whirlwind of joy. He is carefree, fun and most viewers’ favourite character because of his attitude. We would say Roly is a whole mood!

The character is voiced by actor Leo Templer.

Who is Tag?

A little shy and clumsy at times, Tag is a friendly and empathetic rhinoceros who is good at making friends. He adores all his Squirrel Club mates. He is always happy and wants others to enjoy themselves with him!

Actor Alfie Sanderson voices Tag on the show.

Where can I watch Hey Duggee?

The series is available and free for all to watch on BBC iPlayer. It is also available to viewers on its official YouTube page - Hey Duggee Official.

Woof! Woof!

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*Character photo courtesy: HeyDuggee.com

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